DEMETER Comp-1 Compulator Compression Pedal

DEMETER Comp-1 Compulator Pedal
DEMETER Comp-1 Compulator Pedal
MXR SuperComp Compressor Pedal M132

MXR SuperComp Compressor Pedal M132

Rocktron Guitar Silencer Noise Reduction Guitar Effects Pedal

Rocktron Guitar Silencer Noise Reduction Guitar Effects Pedal

DEMETER Comp-1 Compulator Pedal

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The sound of classic studio optical compression of the 60's and 70's at your feet!


The first compressor pedal not to suck the life out of your tone. Operation is fairly straightforward. There are two inputs on the front side of the unit: a 1/4" input jack on the right and a 1/4" output jack on the left with a battery-ground switch on the input jack.


There are two controls on the unit: compress and volume, plus a foot switch to bypass the effect, and an LED to indicate effect operation. On the side there is a trim pot to set the overall gain of the unit.


Compress affects the amount of gain reduction (compression) of the input signal. Turning this clock wise will give you up to 30dB of gain reduction (depending on input gain). Please note that the Compulators max gain is 26dB (see Trim Pot) so in some circumstances if your instrument is very hot you could achieve less than unity gain if you turn up the compress knob too much.


Volume increases and decreases the output volume of the Compulator. Use this for level matching between the effected and unaffected signal.


Trim pot sets the gain of the compressor's pre-amplifier. If distortion occurs turn this down until the signal is clean. The unit is set at the factory at 20dB of gain which is perfect for most instruments. If you have weaker pickups or want to push the envelope turn it up to its max gain 26dB.

Power supply:
• 9 volts DC.

Either external or internal.

For internal power, use a 9 volt battery.

To access, remove the four screws on the sides of the unit and pull apart.

Note: battery must have at least 7 volts for unit to work! External power supply using mini plug, tip positive, 9 volt DC regulated (100 milliamp or more).

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