A capo is a small device that is placed onto a guitar's neck to allow the guitarist play in different keys so that they can still use the first-position open-strings chord forms. In other words, an acoustic guitarist is given the opportunity to avoid complex chords that are difficult to understand or finger. Using a capo can bring a lot of other benefits as well. Whether you are an expert at playing or you are a beginner, here is why you need to have a capo.



Certain Songs Pretty Much Require A Capo

The biggest reason to own a capo is that there are countless songs that use one. And these aren't just obscure b-sides either. And while you might be able to use different chord shapes in order to hit the right notes, many of these songs will not sound the same as they probably employ a lot of open notes. And there are other songs that are essentially impossible to pull off without a capo. For this reason alone, a capo is an absolute must if you want to be able to play a huge catalog of what the guitar has to offer.


It Changes The Guitar's Key

One of the main benefits of using a capo is that it helps the player to change a key that is complicated or that is difficult to apprehend. We all know that some songs have bad original keys that are not suitable for a vocal range and the song can either be too low or too high to play. A capo will help you to play that song with a similar key by adjusting the song's key. You can experiment different capo placements in order to find the perfect match between the song and your key.


It Is Much Easier To Use

It is very easy to use a capo since it doesn't leave your fingers feeling sore and painful. It feels easier on all fingers when playing it and it doest require much of your energy to play it. Anyone can use a capo including the beginners since it also offers a more relaxed feeling when using it.



In Conclusion ...

Not only is a capo necessary to play a good bulk of popular songs out there, it increases the ability of your instrument in several ways. And for a device that can be had for less than an average night out, there's no reason not to have one. If you're in the market for one of these crucial tools, you can check out our selection by using the link below.


Guitar Capos And Slides



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