The Suhr Alexa is a Multi-Channel Analog Chorus/Vibrato pedal that looks to redefine what players expect from a fully featured modulation pedal. And seeing as how Suhr is responsible for some outstanding effects, it definitely has a strong foundation to build on.

The Features

At its core, the Alexa is a two-channel chorus and vibrato pedal that features a ton of different modulation settings that can work on either guitar, bass or keyboards. With two channels, players can easily switch between two preconfigured and distinct sounds with a simple hit of a switch. Channels aside, the big draw of the Alexa for modulation fans should definitely be the easily accessible and highly versatile settings and controls that allow you to quickly create countless distinct sounds on the fly. Each channel features a dedicated wave-form selection knob (Triangle Wave, Sine Wave, Rotary, Photo Cell, Ramp Down, and Ramp Up) along with speed, delay, and depth controls, allowing you to meticulously craft your desired chorus and/or vibrato sound.

The Alexa can be seen as combining the best of old-school technology and modern craftsmanship, giving this pedal an overall warm, vintage sound. Much of Alexa's old-school soul can be attributed to the legendary 3207 Bucket Brigade Device chip, a little piece of effects pedal history that is known for delivering warm analog tones and can be found on some of the most popular chorus pedals ever built. Combined with Suhr's top quality engineering and you have a pedal that delivers a pure analog sound without virtually no noise or signal artifacts.

The Build

And like other Suhr products I've had the chance of playing with, the Alexa definitely shows all the hallmarks of a high-quality piece of gear. From the solid anodized aluminum exterior to the satisfyingly smooth feel of the knobs -- and even the pristine paint job -- this is definitely a top grade pedal. It even features a selectable bypass switch so fans of either True Bypass or Buffered will not feel left out. And finally, the Alexa can be powered through a standard 9v pedal adapter.

The Verdict

If you're a fan of chorus, vibrato or modulation in general, you'll love the Suhr Alexa. Combining superb build, top-quality components, easy to use controls and a warm analog sound that both purists and modern players will love, it's easily one of the best Chorus/Vibrato pedals out there.