One of our favorite side projects from heavyweight guitarist Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) and Vocalist Shawn Smith (Satchel) BRAD are giving away a new song. Its easy all you have to do is join there mailing list. The track is classic BRAD and it's FREE so get over there and pick up the tune "Running For Cover" off the new album "Best Friends" which will be released later in 2010 via Pearl Jam’s Monkeywrench label.

A little history on BRAD:

Brad formed officially in 1992 although the individual band members had been playing together for a long time before that. The original line-up was composed of vocalist Shawn Smith, guitarist Stone Gossard, bassist Jeremy Toback and drummer Regan Hagar. Over the past few years the band has featured occasional contributions from Thaddeus Turner (Maktub), Kevin Wood (All Hail The Crown) and Barrett Jones.

Their debut album Shame, released on April 27th 1993 through Epic Records, was recorded in roughly 20 days, with many tracks taken from in-studio jam sessions. Shame features a raw sound and an eclectic mix of styles. The lead single, ‘20th Century’ was a minor hit in the UK.

After a four year hiatus, Brad’s follow-up album, Interiors was released on June 24th 1997 and was much more polished and purposeful record. Tom Moon of Rolling Stone said that, "what's most notable about the pure pop focus of these nuanced compositions". The lead single from Interiors, ‘The Day Brings’, featured Stone’s Pearl Jam colleague, Mike McCready on lead guitar. This release saw the band’s cult audience expand. The album was accompanied by a tour in the United States and Canada that same year, as well as a small tour in Australia and New Zealand in 1998.

Brad’s third album was released on August 13th 2002 through Redline Records in the US and later Wagram UK in Europe. The recording saw contributions from the then Satchel bassist Mike Berg, who had taken over as the touring bassist for Toback. The album mixes the rawness of Shame and the polished, produced sound of Interiors. Recording sessions took place from May 2001 to March 2002 at Studio Litho and Studio X in Seattle. Most of the album was produced by the band although Phil Nicolo and Skip Drinkwater were also brought onboard. The album was mixed by Nicolo, Drinkwater and Matt Bayles.

In July 2005, Brad released an album of unreleased and incomplete Brad and Satchel tracks through The Establishment Store.

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