ProAudioLand is proud to bring our customers the best from boutique pedal manufacturer Analog Alien! Based on the desire to recapture the legendary analog tones of the ‘60s and ‘70s, Analog Alien pedals are made to deliver the quality, dependability, amazing tone and hands-on touch that is essential for today's recording or performing musician. Founded in 2009 by Joe and Jack Napoli, Analog Alien has built an impressive following of professional users including Joe Walsh, Stevie Wonder, James Burton, Joan Jett and more. Today, we're taking a look at a few of our favorites. While these effects are built to be straight forward and easy to use, they remain highly versatile and sound fantastic!



Alien Bass Station

alienbassstation_1Alien Bass Station, or ABS for short, is a multi-effects pedal that they designed specifically for bass players who are looking to shape and control their sound in both live and studio situations. This unique one of a kind pedal combines three essential effects that all bass players should have: “Limiter/Compressor” – “Amp Generator” – “Gamma Fuzz”. But the Alien Bass Station is not limited to just bass guitar alone. History has shown us that some of the best designs originally intended for bass, like the legendary Fender Bassman, have become essential favorites among guitar players as well. When you plug a guitar into the ABS the character of the pedal changes and becomes an entirely different animal. The ABS is an essential tool for any bass player to have while at the same time it can be a guitar player’s secret weapon. Each Alien Bass Station comes with its own custom cooler bag and external power supply.




Rumble Seat

rumbleseatRumble Seat is actually 3 effects pedals in one super cool enclosure. Analog Alien designed the Rumble Seat with Rockabilly players in mind, but the sonic textures and possibilities of this amazing and flexible pedal will take you far beyond Rockabilly. Everything is possible with the Rumble Seat – from Surf music to Punk to Hard Rock. The Rumble Seat can easily replace 3 pedals, saving you valuable space on your pedal board. You can have each effect on one at one time or you can have just two or all three. It’s all up to you, the guitarist. The tone of the Rumble Drive is based on the legendary vintage Marshall 69 Plexi amp and features three controls. The Output knob controls the direct output level when the Rumble Drive is engaged. The more you turn it up, the more output you send to your amp.The Tone control meanwhile is very versatile and sensitive. You can dial in the right amount of treble or bass depending on the guitar you use and its pickups. And finally, the Gain knob controls the amount of gain you send to the circuit. All in all, the Rumble Drive is a great pedal that will give your Rockabilly riffs attitude and really make them jump out of your amp!



Joe Walsh Double Classic

jwdoubleclassicThe Joe Walsh Double Classic is the first collaborative effort between the legendary guitarist and a pedal manufacturer in his 50 plus year career! In case you're somehow not familiar with the man, Walsh built his legacy as the guitarist for The Eagles but has also held down ax duties on other notable groups such as Barnstorm, James Gang, The Party Boys, and Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his playing style has caught much acclaim including praise from rock music giants Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Cream’s Eric Clapton and The Who’s Pete Townshend. The Double Classic is designed to mimic the authentic Joe Walsh-style and sound. The Joe Walsh Double Classic is a dual effects pedal that we designed specifically for Joe Walsh. This unique, one of a kind pedal, combines two essential circuits (Compressor & Classic Amp), which Joe uses in both live performances and studio recordings.



Bucket Seat Overdrive

analog_alien_bucket_seat_1The Bucket Seat features the same Rumble Drive circuit that is found in their critically acclaimed pedal, the Rumble Seat, which is herald by artists like James Burton (Elvis Presley), Stevie Wonder, and Joe Walsh (The Eagles, Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band). Everything from mild overdrive to a full on high gain assault is possible with the Bucket Seat. The sound of the Bucket Seat is never harsh or brittle. It has a smooth break up and retains a lot of the guitar’s dynamics even at high overdrive settings. At a Gain setting of 2 o’clock, the Bucket Seat reaches its maximum gain. Once you go past this point the overdrive tone becomes more complex and harmonically rich. Turn it all the way up (clockwise) and you’ll get a very sweet overdrive with plenty of harmonics! When the “Gain” control is turned off (counter-clockwise), the Bucket Seat produces very little gain. At this setting, you can use the Bucket Seat as a master output and tone control. If you want to introduce just a little drive, try increasing the “Gain” control up (clockwise) a little. For a versatile overdrive pedal that will give your tone plenty of control and grit, the Bucket Seat is the way to go!


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