Although they might not be as well-known as the bigger effects manufacturers out there, Catalinbread is not a small player when it comes to making amazing pedals. With years of experience and a team of highly skilled engineers, Catalinbread has amassed an impressive lineup of great effects. Today, we're taking a look a few standout effects from Catalinbread.


Dirty Little Secret Marshall Amp Emulator

dirty_little_secret Marshall’s amplifiers have long been the secret sauce to countless legendary guitar tones. From Malcolm Young to Pete Townshend and countless others, the “Marshall Tone” is a pillar of the rock and roll sound. And with the Dirty Little Secret, you can bring that legacy to your pedalboard! Specifically, the pedal consists of two circuits that were crafted to emulate two classic Marshall Amp tones – the Super Lead and the Super Bass – making the Dirty Little Secret two pedals in one. With Super Lead selected, the pedal offers plenty of grit, fantastic harmonics, and ample touch sensitivity. Super Bass mode meanwhile will yield the elusive “not quite clean, not quite dirty” tone that old tube amps are prized for, as well as a lower midrange response (in contrast to the Super Lead mode’s upper midrange emphasis). With two classic tones in one awesome pedal, it’s hard to deny the appeal of the Dirty Little Secret!

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Octapussy Dynamic Octave/Fuzz

octapussyAt its core, the Octapussy is an octave-up fuzz effect modeled after Jimi Hendrix’s infamous Octavia pedal – but it’s far more than just a simple clone. With an all original circuit that utilizes three silicon transistors and two diodes, this pedal definitely kicks things up a notch. And thanks to the custom-voiced preamp, the Octapussy features a highly dynamic response that will bring out the subtleties of your playing with ease. With the Octapussy on your pedalboard, you’ll get those well-known high-octave leads high on the guitar neck along with an amazing array of fuzz-laden tones anywhere else on the neck. A modern take on a legendary pedal, the Octapussy is ddefinitelyworth a spot on the boards of octave and fuzz fans everywhere.

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Adineko Oil Can Delay

adinekoThe Adineko Oil Can is all about the ambiance, made to deliver the perfect combination of reverb and delay. Think of those old time westerns and their signature guitar strums before a shootout or the ambient echoes of Cher’s “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” – that’s what the Adineko Oil Can will deliver, and much more. With the AOC delay, Catalinbread took the best qualities of old oil can delay units and put them into one awesome pedal. From the murky warble of older units (usually only achievable when the oil’s thickness is incorrect, can be replicated with the VISCOSITY knob) to the warm echo quality that hovers in a neat way, the AOC Delay delivers. And better yet, each AOC pedal case has been aged to replicate the weathered and stained look of old oil cans!

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Royal Albert Hall Overdrive

royal_hall_albertOn January 21, 1970, Led Zeppelin took the stage of London’s historic Royal Albert Hall. At this performance, Jimmy Page gave a masterful performance of both skill and tone, delivering a wide pallet of sounds and huge dynamic range. Using custom Hiwatt heads fed into Marshall cabs, Page's amps filled the entire hall with a giant swath of colors at levels ranging from a small whisper to highs that as loud as a jet taking off only inches from your head. The Royal Albert Hall is an overdrive pedal inspired by that sound, featuring the exact tone circuits from Jimmy's custom model Hiwatt. The Royal Alber Hall delivers incredible range that responds to both a player's picking and volume knob, perfect for guitarists who absolutely love the rewards and subtleties of a wide dynamic response. Jimmy's custom Hiwatt in a pedal – you can't go wrong!

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There's a lot more where that came from! Hit the link below to check out our entire selection of Catalinbread effects! And if you have any questions regarding these or any other piece of gear, you can chat with one of our PAL pros by using the Contact Us dialogue box below!

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