Eden Amplification is well known for delivering some of the best no-nonsense high-end bass amplifiers and accessories around. From the industry standard D410XLT bass cab to the WTDI DI box, you can find Eden gear in the hands of bass players across all styles. With that in mind, we decided to shine a light on a few of our favorite pieces of gear that we feel deserve a closer look -- the WTX264 head, EX112 can, and WTDI DI box.

EDEN WTX264 Bass Guitar Amp Head

The Eden WTX264 proves that big things can definitely come in small packages! Featuring 260 to 300 watts of self-regulating power, the WTX264 is the perfect amplifier for players that want a no-compromise experience in an amp head that is as portable as it gets. Better yet, the preamp section is based on the legendary Golden Ear chip -- the very same chip used on top end multi-thousand dollar recording consoles -- allowing the WTX264 to deliver warm, full-bodied tone with plenty of articulation and rich character. Key features include Eden's proprietary Enhance control, 3-band EQ with Dynamic Bass Boost and Mid-shift functions, studio-quality DI with level and ground lift, FX loop, stereo aux inputs, tuner and headphone outputs, and more.

EDEN EX112 Bass Amp Cabinet

At its core, the EX112 is a lightweight 1X12" bass cab tailor-made for players that want nothing more than pure unadulturated full-bodied bass tone in an easily transportable and lightweight package. Like the WTX264 above, it is the perfect piece of gear for bass players that are always on the go or and don't have the luxury of being able to lug around 80-pound cabs (they also make a perfect pair). Compared to the popular EX110, the larger 12" driver on the ED112 delivers a bit more warmth along with a good amount of extra low-end punch. Perfect for anything from at home practice session, small to medium gigs, recording sessions and more. You can also pair two EX112's or match one with an EX110 for a highly portable yet plenty powerful rig.


Aside from an amp and the instrument itself, one of the most powerful tools in a bass player's arsenal is a top quality DI box. A great DI box allows you to perfectly craft your signal before it hits an amp or PA. Trust me, this is integral when you find yourself having to use a sub-par sound system or cabinet at a venue, making a good DI box a vital piece of gear that no bass player should be without. With that said, the Eden WTDI is a lot more than just a standard DI box. It is a powerful studio-grade preamp with plenty of useful extras and features including true bypass, 1/4" and XLR outputs, 3-band EQ with bass boost and Mid-shift switches, volume and gain controls, variable compression, and Eden's proprietary Enhance Control. Better yet, the WTDI features military-level construction to deliver a DI box that can easily handle the hard life of constant gigging or frequent touring.