Back in the early days of amplified music, the instrument cable was seen as little more than a piece of equipment that got the signal from point A to point B. The materials were cheap, the construction was an afterthought and some even heavily degraded tone. In comes Monster Cable Products who completely changed the way we look at cables. Founded in 1979 by Noel Lee, Monster was an early pioneer of high-performance audio cables, understanding that you are only a strong as your weakest link. Over three decades later, they remain one of the most popular and sought-after cable brands around. And with their lifetime warranty, any cable you buy is literally yours for life. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at just a few of our favorite offerings from the brand.

Monster Rock

rock_st-st_1Starting off with one of my personal favorites, the Monster Rock cable was tailor-made to enhance the sound of a solid body electric guitars. By using a comprehensive coaxial design that features multi-gauge wire networks, this cable is able to work with your guitar's tone in order to maximize sound and bite. Furthermore, the Monster Rock also features a dense braided shield and a carbon-infused polymer to keep your tone protected from pesky hum and unwanted signal interference. And of course, this cable also features a high-quality build that can withstand the beatings of the rock life. You've spent countless hours and cash painstakingly crafting your perfect guitar tone -- why not get a cable that works with it and not against?

Monster Performer 600

p600_inst_st-st_4While all Monster cables are built with longevity in mind, the Performer 600 was made to take things to the next level, a cable created with the heavy wear and tear of the road life firmly in mind. We've all been there, ready to go only to find out that your last good cable is starting to go. The Performer 600 will make that a thing of the past as it features solid protection that prevents the cuts and tears that will degrade the inner components over time. Better still, the connectors are built as tough as nails to withstand whatever the life of constant gigging can throw at it. If you're the type of player that goes through cables like strings -- or simply want one of the most reliable cables around -- the Performer 600 is well worth the price.

Monster Acoustic

acoustic_inst_st-st2_1_2When it comes to amplifying acoustic instruments, delivering rich, natural and uncolored tone is key. Which is why Monster created the Acoustic Cable, a piece of gear specifically made to get the most out of your acoustic or hollow-body guitar. This cable is designed to provide the best sound reproduction possible, allowing the natural character of your instrument to shine through. Tone aside, it also features the high-quality components and construction that Monster cables are known for including custom connectors with 24k gold contacts, a Duraflex protective jacket, and a carbon infused polymer to reduce noise while moving around on stage.

Monster Classic

class_inst_2The Monster Classic was designed to bring back the style and sound of their very first cables, albeit with modern reliability that the company is known for. This straight to straight cable is an excellent choice for players who want to keep things old school or are simply looking for a high-quality cable that can get the job done. The Monster Classic features all-metal connectors and 90% copper shielding, meaning it should easily take the wear and tear of constant use with ease. Best of all, it comes at a very affordable price, making it a great choice for both players looking for their first cable or those in need of a high-quality spare.

Monster Studio Pro 2000

2000While the cable above is a solid choice for any player, Monster obviously has a certain set of products tailor-made for power users. The Prolink Studio Pro 2000 is one of those, cranking up the volts and amps to deliver maximum power while maintaining plenty of sonic accuracy and clarity. This premium cable is definitely for those that truly want the best. Core features include a bass control conductor to improve low-frequency response and dynamics, 24k gold contacts for improved signal transfer, a custom connector design, and Monster's own Precision Time Correct windings with separate wire networks to provide excellent overall performance. All in all, this is a beast of a cable made for players that don't mess around when it comes to quality gear.