With only a few exceptions, high-quality American-made guitars have always been significantly more expensive than most imports. And while the overall quality of imported guitars has noticeably improved in the last decade, most players agree that American-made electrics remain the standard of excellence. This is what makes the PRS S2 Series so exciting and unconventional; a line of American-made guitars that retain the quality while being offered at an affordable price point. Manufactured in the same facility as the rest of their US-made instruments, the S2 Series merges the classic PRS playability and reliability with incredible value. Take a closer look at a few standouts from the S2 Series below.

S2 Standard 22


A traditional guitar that is known for its warm midrange and outstanding clarity, the S2 Standard 22 is a no-nonsense workhorse electric that sticks to what truly matters in an ax. Featuring highly versatile PRS #7 Treble and Bass pickups, this guitar is ready for whatever genre you throw at it. Whether you play high gain punk and metal or warm, bassy blues, the S2 Custom 22 is ready to work! Other features include a mahogany neck and body, PRS tremolo bridge system and a push/pull tone knob for added control. If you're looking for a versatile workhorse with a distinguished look and great tone, the S2 Standard 22 is a perfect choice.

S2 Standard 24


If 22 frets are not enough, the S2 Standard 24 is the answer. This guitar puts a modern spin on a timeless classic. Introduced way back in 1987, the original evolved from Paul Smith's pre-factory all-mahogany guitars and was a favorite among many players. In his modern incarnation, the S2 Standard 24 keeps everything that made the original a classic while adding a few extras that today's players expect from their instruments. Key features include PRS's HFS and Vintage bass pickups, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, push/pull tone controls, a PRS designed tremolo bridge, locking tuners, and pickguard-mounted electronics. For a modern take on a classic, look no further than the S2 Standard 24.

S2 Vela


Built with both playability and craftsmanship in mind, the S2 Vela is tailor-made for players that want excellent reliability without sacrificing looks. With an offset body shape that is both elegant and edgy along with PRS designed humbuckers, the S2 Vela features a bright, punchy tone that sounds great plugged into a pedalboard or straight into an amp. And with its coil-tap tone controls that allow the humbuckers to be split into single coils, you can explore a broad range of tones on the fly. Other features include a bridge system specifically designed for excellent sustain and pinpoint intonation, so both lead and rhythm tones sound (and play) great, no matter where you are on the fretboard. On the stage or in the studio, the S2 Vela is ready to play.