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  1. Bass Tips: Playing Through An Amp VS Playing Through A PA 

    Bass Tips: Playing Through An Amp VS Playing Through A PA 
      The bass players have the role to maintain the rhythmic groove in the band. Bassists create the music’s foundation over which the rest of the band play. It takes some powerful speakers and lot of juice to accurately reproduce the output of an electric bass. A vast selection of gear is available on the market in order to meet those requirements.   Continue reading →
  2. Guitar Hacks For New Players

    Guitar Hacks For New Players
      Like any beginning guitarist, you're likely seeking help in getting starting. You're hoping you will come across a magic guitar tip that will suddenly improve your playing. Unfortunately, no such guitar advice exists. The good news is, I've been there and done that. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind while starting your guitar career!   Continue reading →
  3. Musician Tips: The Basics Of MIDI

    Musician Tips: The Basics Of MIDI
      MIDI is short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and essentially, it is a uniform specification that lets digital instruments, computers and other related devices to communicate with each other. You can think of it as a music file type that has become the industry standard for digital instruments, much like Mp3 is for songs. Some might wonder why not just use Mp3 instead, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. Without getting into the fact that Mp3 is low quality by studio standards and a one trick pony in terms of what it can actually accomplish, the MIDI is able to understand much more than just sound. It can communicate messages about pretty much every aspect of music from notation, pitch, velocity, tempo, volume, vibrato, audio panning, cues, clock signals– see where I’m getting at?     Continue reading →
  4. Tips For Singers: Hitting The High Notes

    Tips For Singers: Hitting The High Notes
      A lot of people really love to sing, and there are those who want to sing powerful high notes. The fact is most of us cannot hit high note reliably and with strength. You can learn how to sing high pitch notes like these but you have to take a lot of practice and take extra effort, and most probably a lot more knowledge than you already have. It is possible to train your voice to get better quality high notes that are clear, beautiful and strong. Your online resources can play a significant role in helping you learn how.   Continue reading →
  5. How To Quickly Get A Good Sound From Your Tube Amp

    How To Quickly Get A Good Sound From Your Tube Amp
      We all know that most tube amps have a certain sweet spot where you get great sustain, good dynamics, a rich tone, and a full sound. In addition, you do not have to press the guitar so hard to enjoy a good sound when playing it. Nevertheless, it is not the same for all amps; some amps are always meant to have all things dimmed and sound nice when pushed equally. Moreover, other amps may sound best up on a gain knob and maybe halfway to two-thirds up when the volume is adjusted well.   Continue reading →