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  1. Guitar Tips: Improve Your Picking Accuracy

    Guitar Tips: Improve Your Picking Accuracy
      Nowadays, the most common limiting factor for almost every guitar player is their picking hand. What happens is once they develop a certain picking style and get habituated to it they find it extremely difficult to change, and many a time to do so a retraining is needed. This only ends up preventing such people from playing guitar perfectly. But what if you get to learn a few methods to better your picking technique in far less time than you can ever imagine? Well, it is true that there indeed are many ways to help develop your picking accuracy, and we shall get to learn about three of them right away..   Continue reading →
  2. How To Improve Your Amp's Maximum "Loudness"

    How To Improve Your Amp's Maximum "Loudness"
      When it comes to getting the very best out of your guitar amplifier, there are few options available designed to increase the overall power of your amp and allow you to turn the knob up to 11. Below are some the more popular option available when it comes to making modifications to your amp and these options are designed to increase the overall perceived “loudness” of the amp.   Continue reading →
  3. What To Consider When Designing Your Pedalboard

    What To Consider When Designing Your Pedalboard
      When it comes to guitars, one of the most important aspects that are consistently overlooked is the importance of a good pedalboard. Sure, people are usually more concerned amps and things of that nature, but too often, the difference between beautiful effects on the guitar go between the pedalboard being good and not-so-good. Rather than being one of the individuals that put all the money and attention into something other than pedalboard, be sure to keep the pedalboard in mind. Not only can you get a great pedalboard without breaking the bank, but it’s also possible to gain a ton of other bonus benefits when you have a solid pedalboard that isn’t low quality. Now, you might be saying, “Ok, I get it, I need a good pedalboard. But how do I know what’s good and what isn’t?” Well, here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re looking for a great pedalboard.   Continue reading →
  4. Bass Tips: What You Need For A Great Live Show

    Bass Tips: What You Need For A Great Live Show
      Arriving at a live bass show with all gear is not enough to guarantee a successful event. This is because there is more that goes into delivering a memorable performance to the other bands present, the fans, event organizers and the sound guys. It is essential for bassists to learn essential live bass playing tips that will make them succeed in live settings. Continue reading →
  5. Building Chemistry With Your Bandmates

    Building Chemistry With Your Bandmates
      The progress of a band is determined by the coordination between the instruments and vocalists. Inadequate coordination between the individual musicians will definitely deliver unpleasant sounds. The one way to ensure that your band sounds great is to promote a healthy relationship among the members. It can be achieved by various team-building activities alongside other methods of fostering cohesion among the members of the band. In this article, we will look at the factors which are primarily responsible for chemistry among band members.   Continue reading →