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  1. Walrus Audio Jupiter Fuzz Review

    Packing great tone, superb versatility, and top-quality, hand-built craftsmanship, Walrus Audio pedals don’t just offer ways to color your instrument’s sound but are an assortment of tools that push your tone to the next level. From the Voyager and its unique preamp and overdrive design to the insane amount of sonic possibilities packed into the Descent Reverb, Walrus Audio effects never fail to impress us. Today, we're taking the Jupiter Fuzz for a spin, a gritty thick and loud pedal that should please plenty of die-hard fuzz fans. Continue reading →
  2. Electro-Voice ZX1-90 Passive Loudspeaker Review

    The Electro-Voice ZX1-90 is a 2-way unpowered loudspeaker designed to deliver the premium sound and experience of a larger system in a portable package. While no one familiar with the brand would deny that E.V. knows how to make a great loudspeaker, the fact that the ZX1-90 is priced a little higher than similar sized system might make some feel like they would be better suited looking elsewhere. But after putting the ZX1-90 through its paces, we can say that it's well worth the price of admission. Continue reading →
  3. Versatile Studio Microphones Under $500

    With the seemingly endless choices of studio microphones out there, those unfamiliar with the nitty-gritty details can easily become overwhelmed to the point where they might simply judge the value of a mic by price alone. And while it’s generally a safe bet to assume that a thousand dollar mic is probably better than something closer to two hundred, that's not always the case. For example, certain mics work better for specific applications -- be it vocals, drums, or instruments -- regardless of price. With that said, we decided to take a look at the best bang for your buck studio mics with multiple uses. Continue reading →
  4. Essential Home Recording Gear For Beginners

    The advancements in technology have made recording much easier and -- more importantly -- much less expensive. With just a few hundred dollars and some dedication, you can honestly create a truly great recording that would have required a room full of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth a gear just a few decades ago. With that said, you should still be smart about what you purchase. If you're looking to build your own home recording studio, keep reading for some key tips and recommendations that will have your setup get started in the right direction. Continue reading →
  5. Mini Guitar Effects Pedals That Prove Size Doesn't Matter

    Mini pedals have become more prevalent in the last few years as many manufacturers are creating tiny versions of their well-known stompboxes. While they might be insanely small, many of these miniature effects do a great job at maintaining the core tone and functionality of their bigger brothers, even if they do lose a few options and settings due to their smaller size. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at these tiny tone monsters and see if they can stand toe-to-toe with their standard sized counterparts. Below, we take a look at five fantastic small pedals that we highly recommend.   Continue reading →

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