Music Industry News

  1. A Few Of Our Favorite Pedalboards And Accessories

    One of the most crucial aspects of a guitarist's arsenal that seems to be consistently overlooked is the importance of a good pedalboard. Sure, most of us are usually concerned about amps, pickups, and things of that nature, but too often, the difference between a great performance and a sloppy one is how you manage your effects. Below, we take a look at a few of our favorite boards that are sure to keep your stompboxes in order.   Continue reading →
  2. Brand Spotlight: EBS Bass Effects Pedals

    Founded in 1988, EBS is a leading audio equipment manufacturer committed to providing bass players around the world with gear designed for bassists, by bassists. Whether you are a professional or a weekend warrior, EBS products feature the quality, ease of use, and sound to take your bass to the next level. Below, we take a look a four of our favorite pieces of gear from EBS.   Continue reading →
  3. A Closer Look At Bass DI Boxes

    The key to a killer bass sound requires two main things -- an instrument of reasonable quality and skill. Once you have those two checked off, you can start asking yourself the next important question: do you use an amp or go DI? Continue reading →
  4. Active Guitar Pickups

    One the best ways to quickly give your guitar or bass an extra shot of power and control is to equip it with a set of active pickups. Popular with metal and hard rock guitarists, active pickups offer a number of benefits over traditional passive pickup designs, but they are not without their drawbacks. If you want to know what active pickups can do for your sound as well as a few of our own personal recommendations, don’t stop reading.   Continue reading →
  5. Brand Spotlight: DiMarzio Pickups

    For over forty years, DiMarzio has been painstakingly crafting electric guitar pickups designed with rich high-gain tone specifically in mind. From Kurt Cobain to Frank Zappa, David Gilmour and more, guitarists across several genres have used DiMarzio pickups to carve out a piece of their signature sound. If you're the type of guitarist that demands a sound with plenty of growl and killer attitude, you’ll love what DiMarzio is cooking. Below, we take a look at four DiMarzio pickups that are sure to excite distortion-lovers everywhere.   Continue reading →