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  1. Friedman BE-OD Guitar Pedal Review

    Friedman BE-OD Guitar Pedal Review
      While some players out there might not be familiar with the work of Dave Friedman, they definitely know the many legendary tones he helped shape. After building, modding and customizing amps for some of rock's best-known guitarists (Eddie Van Hale, Jerry Cantrel, and Steve Stevens, just to name a few), Friedman decided to take that expertise and create his own line of gear. One such creation is Friedman 100BE, a Marshall inspired tube amp that truly stands up there among the best money can buy. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to drop thousands of dollars for an amp head. So with that said, we're taking a look at a pedal designed to bring that tone in a much more affordable and portable package -- the Freidman BE-OD. Continue reading →
  2. PRS SE 245 Electric Guitar Review

    PRS SE 245 Electric Guitar Review
      Here at ProAudioLand, we often get asked for personal gear recommendations. And while all of us here have our own particular favorites, we sometimes come across an instrument that all of us can stand behind for one reason or another. With that in mind, I would like to spotlight the PRS SE 245 electric guitar, a vintage-inspired short-scale electric that combines great style, amazing features and -- best of all -- an excellent price tag. At $659, it's hard to find a better deal out there for a guitar of this quality. Continue reading →
  3. Heil Sound PR 22 Dynamic Microphone Review

    Heil Sound PR 22 Dynamic Microphone Review
      Founded in 1966 by Bob Heil, Heil Sound is a professional audio company that has managed to flourish for decades thanks in part to their extensive knowledge of the market and forward-thinking microphone designs. If you're serious about your audio gear, you're more than likely familiar with the brand. Today, we decided to take a look at one of their more popular offerings -- the PR 22. As a live dynamic vocal mic priced at $185 for the standard version and $117 for the UT version, it's a direct competitor to the industry standard SM58 along with dozens of offerings from several other manufacturers. With that said, does the PR 22 have enough of the goods to separate itself from the rest of the pack? Long story short -- it definitely does. Continue reading →
  4. Great Fender Precision Bass Pickups

    Great Fender Precision Bass Pickups
      The Fender Precision Bass is easily one of the most well-known instruments in the world, used by numerous bass players and on countless different genres of music. While its shape, feel and playability are huge reasons why the P-Bass is so popular, in the end, it's the tone that makes it a cut above the rest. But as good as the tone of the stock set is, you might be looking for something a little different, something that sounds more like your style. With that in mind, we'd like to share with you a few of our favorite Precision Bass replacement pickups. Continue reading →
  5. Acus Sound Oneforstrings 8 Combo Amplifier Review

    Acus Sound Oneforstrings 8 Combo Amplifier Review
      You'd be forgiven if you've never heard about Acus Sound Engineering, but if you're a fan of premium quality acoustic-centric amplifiers, speakers, and cabinets, you should definitely give them a closer look. The company is all about delivering amazing tone to acoustic players around the world. While they have plenty of popular products to choose from, today, we'd like to take a closer look at one particular piece of gear in their repertoire -- the Oneforstrings 8. Boasting the clarity, articulation, and a natural sound that is integral for acoustic instruments, this combo might just be able to set a new standard on what a great acoustic amplifier can deliver. Continue reading →