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  1. Top Home Recording Mistakes To Avoid

    Top Home Recording Mistakes To Avoid
      Nowadays, many musicians tend to prefer working in their very own home recording studios. This trend is usually meant to avoid the pesky booking process and exorbitant fees associated with using professional studios. Most of these people feel rushed and constrained to accomplish their projects in the allocated time. Still, putting aside the costly fees for utilizing professional studios, you cannot overlook the numerous advantages of settling for this process. Some of the most notable are being able to work with sound engineers and professional recording equipment. Granted, in-home studios are hard-pressed to offer such unparalleled convenience. However, this doesn’t necessarily equate to obtaining lackluster outcomes. When you take the time to discern the errors, which many a musician often make, you can ensure your projects are successful even if you are on a tight budget. So, here are some few tips on how to make this a reality.   Continue reading →
  2. Tech Tips: How To Shield Your Single-Coil Pickups

    Tech Tips: How To Shield Your Single-Coil Pickups
      It comes as no surprise that since the invention of the pickup, manufacturers have been trying to get rid of that annoying hum that is inherent as a result of the general principles of electronics. Since we can’t change the rules of electricity, manufacturers had to use those very same principles for their benefit, which gave us the humbucker which is essentially two single coil pickups placed next to each other. The hum-canceling properties of these pickups were great but the fact that they were twice as large meant guitars made for single coil pickups, such as the Telecaster, would not be able to use them without modifications.   Continue reading →
  3. Keeping Your Guitar At The Right Temperature And Humidity

    Keeping Your Guitar At The Right Temperature And Humidity
      Hands down, one of the easiest and best ways to prolong the life of your electric guitar is by storing it in a proper place. Conversely, one of the easiest ways to ruin the life of your guitar is by doing the opposite. I’m not talking about getting a case, a stand or a wall mount here, I’m talking about humidity and temperature control. Continue reading →
  4. Tone Tips For Inexpensive Bass Guitars

    Tone Tips For Inexpensive Bass Guitars
      Getting a cheap bass guitar may be your only option if you're not looking to spend a lot of money but need to get your hands on a decent instrument. This quick guide will offer some bass tone tips on what to consider before investing in cheap basses.   Continue reading →
  5. Recording Tips For Singers

    Recording Tips For Singers
      Becoming a singer who can record a fluent song is not always an easy task, it needs a lot of effort and practice so that you can achieve your best vocals and attain the pitch you want. People may have complemented your voice that you can sing but one day tried recording a song in a music studio but became frustrated when you heard your first sound as it was terrible. You may even think that it can never work and give up, but note that many prominent artists started the same way but worked on their vocals to achieve the best voice when recording. You may sound terrible when recording in a music studio filled with musical instruments but here are some few tips which will help you improve vocal recordings.   Continue reading →

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