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  1. Improving Your Soldering Skills

    Improving Your Soldering Skills
      Soldering generally means the connection of metals by the fusion of alloys that have a low melting point. Soldering is one of the best ways to fix the components to the circuit and also an important skill in mastering the guitar basics quickly. However, there are different ways one can use in order to improve the soldering skills. Thus the following are some essential tips to improve your soldering skills.   Continue reading →
  2. What Is Hybrid Picking

    What Is Hybrid Picking
      I regularly get got some information about my correct hand guitar method. I began on traditional guitar, however, was soon attracted to the energy of the pick. Out of "sonic need" I built up the capacity to utilize my correct hand fingers alongside the pick. Today this is ordinarily known as hybrid picking for guitar. No single individual can assume praise for developing hybrid picking, yet this capable right-hand guitar system is a foundation of my style and numerous other accomplished guitarists.   Continue reading →
  3. TECH TIPS: Muddy sounding neck pickup?

    TECH TIPS: Muddy sounding neck pickup?
      Muddy sounding neck pickup? Try Seymour’s quick tech fix   Continue reading →
  4. Common Guitar Amp Problems And Solutions

    Common Guitar Amp Problems And Solutions
      Amplifiers are mistakenly analyzed and sent in for repair/returned in light of off-base hookup. Now and then the amp itself truly is to blame. Here are a couple of common problems and what should be possible to investigate, and also settle them (my fixes are the most common. They are not conclusive at all. Your amplifier could have a completely diverse issue. However, it is improbable):   Continue reading →
  5. Four Useful Guitar Amp Recording Tips

    Four Useful Guitar Amp Recording Tips
      Most people all over the world are attracted to good music. They say music soothes the heart. However, recording a song may not be that easy especially when using a guitar and an amplifier to record a song. Different producers have their views on how guitar-amp recording is done. Discussed below are some the incredible tips on guitar amp recording as perceived by different producers. Continue reading →

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