The 90s hold a very special place in the heart of music lovers. In that decade, we have experienced many new and unique things from grunge to boy bands. During the 90s, many rock stars have created a history in the music world for their talents. But where are they now? Are they still performing? To answer your queries, you can go through the followings.


Chris Barron

90s frontman chris barronChris Barron was the lead singer of Spin Doctors. This band was famous in the 90s for some popular albums that include “Little Miss Can’t Be wrong” and “Two prices”. In the recent past, you might not have seen this band performing as the frontman Chris Barron was unable to sing due to vocal cord paralysis. Though he is better now, but they are not performing as a band anymore. You might have seen them in occasional live shows until 2005. During that period, they released “Nice Talking To Me” and “If The River Was Whiskey”. These albums got the desired success but that could not inspire the band to perform together. Currently, Chris Barron is performing independently.



Shannon Hoon

90s frontman shanon hoonShannon Hoon was the frontman of Blind Melon. This band was popular for the video “No Rain”. The video was popular for the music and costume. The singer received appreciation for his unique voice. He gained success overnight, but it did not last for a long. His untimely and accidental death broke the heart of his followers. He died due to overdose in 1995 after a few successful releases. But his band is still performing with new singers.



Karl Mueller

90s frontman pirnerKarl Mueller was the lead singer of Soul Asylum. This band was very popular in the 1990s. Though it was formed in 1980, but it got a breakthrough in 1992 only. Since then, it kept performing well and started receiving appreciations. The album “Grave Dancers Union” in 1992 gave Karl Mueller the recognition he was looking for. The “Runaway Train” was one of their best albums that made him popular all over the world. He became one of the most sought- after rock stars in the 90s. The band has released a few albums together. But after the death of Karl Mueller due to the throat cancer, the band lost its popularity.



Ken Block

90s frontman ken blockKen Block was the lead singer of Sister Hazel. This band was first formed in the 90s. It got the desired popularity after the release of some popular albums including “All For You” and “Lighter in the Dark”. Sister Hazel is still performing as a band together. Ken Block also ran a motivational workshop for a couple of years. He opened a coffee shop in 2012 in Florida. His band is not active now. But yes, if you see some releases in the years to come, it will not be a great surprise.



Damon Albarn

damon albarn 90s frontmenDamon Albarn was the lead singer of Blur and Gorillaz. Blur was originated in the late 80s, but the brand did not make it big until the mid-90s. The singer is popular for the “Feel Good Inc”, “Clint Eastwood”, and “The Magic Whip”. The last album of his band was “The Magic Whip” that was released in 2012. Since then, there was no fresh release either from the singer or from the band. If you believe the media reports, you might see some new releases soon.



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