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A rock band wouldn’t be complete without a great drummer. Sometimes drummers play other instruments on the album, sing (back) vocals and co-write the songs as well.

But we most appreciate those impressive drum solos. It’s a given that they value sound quality, comfort and customization. It’s time to look at the brands of their choice:

Tico Torres – Bon Jovi

Born in 1953, Torres is the band’s oldest member and has been with the band through its whole discography. Tico’s favorite drums and drum equipment are:

  • Drums/Hardware: Pearl drums
  • Cymbals: Paiste
  • Sticks/gloves/griptape: Easton Ahead Tico Torres
  • Drumheads: Remo
  • Snare: Emperor X (Ambassador Snare)
  • Toms: Coated Emperors on (Ambassador Ebony)
  • Bassdrum: Powerstroke 3 on (Powerstroke Ebony)
  • DW hardware
  • LP percussion
  • Beato bags
  • Lars Urich – Metallica

    Lars Ulrich is referenced in the movie Prince &Me (2004) , when the prince of Denmark is trying to come up with famous Danish names to impress the crowd he is dining with, and Lars’ name does the trick.

    Founding member/co-song writer of Metallica, Lars’ tour kit of the past 3 years is as follows:

  • Drums: Tama Starclassic Maple, LU Magnetic Orange
  • Snare- on tour: (standard Lars Ulrich Signature LU1465
  • Snare- studio: LU1465 and LU1465BB (bell brass)
  • Cymbals : Zildjian
  • He also used K Zildjians or K Customs in the studio
  • Drumheads: Remo
  • Toms — Coated Emperor | Clear Ambassador
  • Bass — Clear Powerstroke 3/Powersonic (depending on venue)| Ebony Powerstroke 3
  • Snare — Coated Controlled Sound (black dot on reverse) | Clear Hazy Ambassador
  • Hardware : Tama and Drum Workshop
  • John Bonham (1948- 1980) – Led Zeppelin

    According to Rolling Stone readers, Bonham is still their favorite drummer today. And we can’t blame him, since his style fast, unique and powerful.

  • Drums: Ludwig Green Sparkle, Ludwig Amber Vistalite, Ludwig Stainless Steel
  • Snare: Ludwig Chrome Supraphonic 402 Snare
  • Bass Pedal: Ludwig Speed King Bass pedal
  • Cymbals: Paiste Cymbals
  • Drum heads: Remo (Remo Coated Emperors or Ludwig equivalent
  • Bass drum pedal: Ludwig Speed King Pedal
  • Rick Allen – Def Leppard

    My favorite drummer is Rick Allen. It’s not because I’m a drummer. It’s not because I have all the technical knowledge and made an expert decision on his talent. But I am an absolute rock fan, and a Def Leppard fan. And any rock fan can appreciate a drummer who remains in his band, (and remains their drummer) after he lost one arm!

    Rick’s drum gear is split into two:

    Before the accident:

  • Drums: Pearl Drums, Ludwig drum kit
  • Cymbals: Paiste’s RUDE and 2002 cymbal lines
  • Snare: Black Beauty Super Sensitive snare
  • After the accident:

    Allen used a customized kit built by Simmons – drum pads as he played the snare drum and toms with his one arm.

  • Drums: DW acoustic drums, Zildjian acoustic (customized kit)
  • Cymbals: cymbals Acoustic
  • Pads: Hart Dynamics Acupad electronic pads
  • Samplers: Akai samplers, and custom-manufactured
  • Cable routing:Whirlwind (customized)
  • He uses four electronic pedals for his left foot so that the sound will replicate what he would have played with his left arm.

    Joey kramer- Aerosmith drummer

    Joey Kramer has a fun website where the about page section includes info on his favorite drum kits, as well as the first kit he ever bought:

  • Drum Sticks: Zildjian
  • Drum Kit: Ludwig Drums – Vintage Classics
  • First Kit Ever: Kent
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