New guitarist Rob Caggiano was among several 
bystanders who witnessed the tragedy. 

Startling news this week in the rock world as a 39-year-old Volbeat fan died after attempting to enter the band’s concert soon after being denied access in Texas on Monday night.

Officials say that Jubal Colvin was initially refused entry by security guards at the Lonestar Event Center in Lubbock for having a knife. He then climbed a security fence to get in and escaped the first round of staff trying to apprehend him.

After running into a restricted area, Colvin then tried to jump across a gap and fell 20ft, hitting his head on the concrete floor. Medical personal gave Colvin first aid at the scene but he failed to recover, dying at a nearby hospital soon after.

Among the several confounded bystanders who saw the entire tragedy unfold was new Volbeat guitarist Rob Caggiano, formally of Anthrax.

Wes Nessman, rock show host on local radio station FMX, reports: “We had a death at the concert on Monday night and it really didn’t have to happen.

“An individual, who appeared to be drunk or had been drinking, was stopped at security for having a knife. He got agitated and threw the knife at security and started running. He was told to stop several times by security and police. He ran past several fences and barricades before either running off the roof or attempting to jump roof to roof.

“This was witnessed by several people, including some innocent bystanders and Volbeat’s new guitarist.

“This guy was running from officials in a clearly marked area. He was told to stop. There’s just no good reason why this happened. It’s important that the moms and dads and brothers and sisters out there know this wasn’t a guy dancing or fooling around who had an accident. The guy did not fall. He jumped.

“It’s not fair that some, including the news media, will try to portray this as some type of dangerous environment. It’s not. It is horribly unfair to place this tragedy at the feet of the venue, police or security.”

Caggiano joined Volbeat about a month ago in early February just weeks after quitting Anthrax. Interestingly enough, he had originally been hired by Volbeat to produce their new album, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies. Just this week, the band released a video for their track Cape Of Our Hero.