Most musicians who are able to crank out quality recordings spent some time trying to find the best studio for their needs (and budget). If you're ready to hit the recording booth but aren't sure what to look for in a studio, there are some things to know before you invest your time and hard in money on just any location. Below are some of the factors you need to take into consideration before you choose a studio.



Qualifications Of The Studio Staff

For the studio to serve you well, it should be run by highly qualified professionals. Take your time and check on the audio engineer of the studio. Check out the type of music that audio engineer has worked on in the past. Working with a studio that has had plenty of experience recording your specific style will most likely give you better results than one that hasn't.


The Facility

A right facility for you should be inspirational and practical. You will more than likely be spending hours in a studio so do yourself a favor and shoot for one that gives you a good, relaxing environment. Recording can be stressful so a facility with a good vibe can really go a long way. Also, make sure that the recording rooms are big enough to accommodate your band and all of the needed gear. If you need multiple isolation rooms, then you need to check whether the recording studio has them. Most recording studios will happily show you around the facility before you agree to record with them so never be afraid to ask.


The Equipment

Of course, the equipment used at the studios should definitely be good quality stuff, especially if you plan to pay a decent amount. Always make sure to check the equipment and know whether they are up to your standards before you decide to record at any studio. Professional, high-quality recording equipment will go a long way in helping you achieve great results in your recording process. Some of the equipment you need to check on includes the mic collection, vintage gear, and multiple monitoring systems.


The Rates

Cost is probably the biggest factor musicians take into consideration when trying to come up with a recording studio. If should be said that the highest rates do not guarantee great results and the lowest rates do not automatically lead to low-quality work. You need to take your time and assess different studios available before you decide on one. The right studio will offer you great services at reasonable rates. When trying to come up with a budget, you should remember to set aside some money which will cater for unexpected expenses during your recording session.


TakeĀ A Tour Of The Studio

As mentioned above, pretty much every studio will allow you to take a tour before you even hand them a penny. They are a business and as a customer, they understand you have options. From the tour, you will get to see firsthand the quality of services which you can expect. Also, ask if they can show you some examples of past work.


Do Online Research

Depending on the studio, there should be plenty of info online. It will allow you to learn stuff that you can't get from simply visiting the studio itself, such as the how well the staff works with artists, the general consensus on the quality of their recordings and more. You can start by checking out their social media page. From there, you can probably find a few artists who have worked with the studio in the past.


Hopefully, the tips above have given you a good idea on the type of research you should be doing before selecting a studio. Recording can be a long and pricey endeavor, but also a very worthwhile one when you leave with a high-quality recording. By using the tips above, you can ensure that both your time and money don't go to waste.

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