Guitar tuners refer to adjust the string –pitches to the desired tuning. If you are a beginner, you should choose the right tuner to make the learning easy for you. Always remember that all the tuning problems do not come from the tuner, there might be some other problems in your guitar. Instead of changing tuners all the time, you should concentrate on one to improve your skill and to make progress in this field. Do you want to know more about the tuners? If yes, then consider the following article. In this article, you will get both the pros and cons of the traditional and locking tuners.


Traditional Tuners

These are relatively old tuners and these are widely used by the experienced guitarists. These tuners hold the tune well with the proper wrapping. It is easy to change the strings of the traditional tuner. In fact, you can also change the look of your guitar if you want. You can drill new holes in the fragile headstock of your guitar to give it a new look. It is not difficult to put on the traditional tuner; you can make it simple with the direct replacements. Make all the holes line up without showing the holes. You can do it by restringing and tuning. Another benefit of the traditional tuner is its weight. You will not find more components in the traditional tuner. It has only the gear, the post, the knob, and the bushing.

There are also some negative points in the traditional tuner. If you want the proper sound then you will have to wrap it first. Besides, you will find holes into which the string-end will be inserted to start the wind. But with the locking tuners, you will find many variations that lock the string-end securely against the tuning post that will demand fewer turns to keep it secure and to bring it up to the pitch.



Locking Tuners

The locking tuner is a new invention in the guitar industry. It does not lock the guitar in tune. It will also go out of the tune like the traditional tuner. But the difference is that it will lock the string on the post to ensure that the slipping or winding of the string will not be the reason of the out of tune. However, it will go out of the tune while using the trem, stretching, using a bridge, or with the bad setup. The benefit of the locking tuner is that it is less time consuming. You just need to enter the tuner hole, pull it straight and lock it. You will not have to be worried about the winds and the strings like the traditional tuners. The negative points are the weight and the price  as they are much more expensive than the traditional tuners.



Fender Locking Tuners

FENDER Locking Stratocaster/Telecaster Tuning Machines @ $64.99. Set of six locking tuners provide maximum tuning stability and fit most U.S.- and Mexico-made Stratocaster and Telecaster models (will not fit American Vintage series instruments). Bushings, removable tuner caps and mounting hardware included.



These are some of the pros and cons of the traditional and locking tuners. You can buy the one depending on your preference and budget. With a restricted budget, traditional tuners will be an ideal choice. If you're looking for either type of tunning machine, make sure to check out the link below!


Guitar Tuners



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