Lost for more than 40 years, a solo that George Harrison recorded during the Abbey Road sessions for "Here Comes the Sun" has been uncovered.

George Harrison's son Dhani ( an accomplished musician in his own rite) sat down with Beatles' producer Sir George Martin and his son, Giles Martin, to listen back to the tracks that became "Here Comes the Sun." After messing around with some track levels and listening to some of the orchestration George Martin did for the track, Dhani brought in a track containing a solo George Harrison played for the song that didn't make the final cut. Dhani, obviously delighted, told the Martins that "it's totally different to anything I've ever heard," and the legendary producer replied "I had forgotten that one." Our favorite quote is when Dhani talks about the rundown being an Indian rhythm and Sir George martin says "You've got it too. You're like your Father."

Check out this piece of forgotten Beatles history in the video below.

Original source Guitar Squid

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