On today’s 17th anniversary of his death, Kurt Cobain will be memorialized in his hometown of Aberdeen, Wash, with the unveiling of an 8-foot Fender guitar at the park next to the Young Street Bridge.

Clallam Bay artists Lora and Kim Malakoff sculpted the statute out of steel and concrete.

“We decided to work with steel and concrete, and that works really well along with the industrial look of the grunge age,” Lora Malakoff told the Peninsula Daily News. “It fits him much better than a polished, fancy marble that we really couldn’t afford anyway.”

A steel ribbon will dangle in the air next to the guitar, engraved with “One more special message to go, and then I’m done and I can go home,” the lyrics from the Nirvana song “On a Plain.”

Rolling Stone magazine has also dipped into its archives for a piece on the life and death of Cobain. Read it here.

“I read almost everything he wrote, and that phrase just kept coming back to me,” said Malakoff.

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