At a live show, music lovers get to taste music in a whole different way. It is an epic experience for both the musicians and the fans which allow them to connect through the performance. Whether you are an amateur or you have done it so many times before, it is vital to learn how you can make your performance even more epic. Here are the top tips on how to give your fans a mind blowing show.



Keep Your Sound In Check

When it comes to a live performance, sound is everything. Doing sound checks is vital if you want everything to go smoothly. Try not to choke the microphone while performing. It may look cool but it will affect the quality of your sound. For the same reason, do not point it to the monitor either. Also, ensure that your sound is good by having a sound guy at the far back to let you know when you are not loud enough.


Forget About The Small Mishaps

Your performance does not have to be perfect. At some point, someone in the band might hit the wrong note or go off beat for a second or two. The probability of your audience noticing the mistake is pretty slim, this is unless you choose to make a big deal out of it. Avoid trying to fix it on stage or fussing over it.


Don’t Stop The Music

While the audience is having a good time at the performance, nothing kills the mood like getting confused between songs. Avoid the extended periods of silence by planning your performance well before hand. This will definitely avoid the awkward pauses while you and your band members discuss which song to play next.


Don't Skip Rehearsals

Practice definitely makes perfect. Rehearsing enables you to create a good act. This then gives you the confidence to perform on stage. What's more, going over your performance allows you to be ready for any surprises and ensures a well-coordinated concert with your band.

Engage With Your Audience

A live performance is a chance for your fans to connect with you. For this reason, when performing live, ensure that you make eye contact. This is as opposed to focusing too much on your music instrument. Some musicians will also choose to say a few words before a song which is also a god idea. Try smiling more at your audience as it will generate positive energy.


Be Unique

Give your audience a memorable performance by finding a way to be exclusive. Create an act in your performance that sets you aside from all the other live bands. Do not be afraid to go to the extreme as long as it makes your fans happy.


Always Aim To Give The Best Performance

Have someone record a video performance and analyze it. This will allow you to identify areas that will need an upgrade. You can also have a professional evaluate your performance and let you know what you can change. Take criticism from your fans and non-fans positively and use it to improve your live shows.


Be Confident And Let Loose

Let yourself go on stage and give your audience all you got. Your confidence and enthusiasm will be felt by the crowd, making your performance very lively. Also, keep in mind that every show is equally important. For this reason, be lively at every show, and you will definitely gain more followers. Confidence will get people to love your show whether or not you thought you were good enough.


Be Yourself

Do not be afraid to let everyone know who you are and how you feel through your music performance. Being honest on stage with yourself and with your audience and they will love you for it. Be proud of your work and deliver your message clearly to your audience through the music and you will get lost in the music.


And finally, don't forget to relax before going out on stage. While some musicians will choose to have a drink before the show, it might help with the stage fright but not guaranteed to make you sound good. A lot of performers will experience fear before going on stages which is completely normal. Try to move past this and embrace whatever fear you have while on stage. In many cases despite being really nervous, musicians will still give a great show.



Your Turn to Sound Off!

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