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Mona singer Nick Brown says rock legend Robert Plant told him that the Nashville band play the blues better than Led Zeppelin.

According to NME, Brown met Plant while filming Later... With Jools Holland last year and told The Sun newspaper: “Robert Plant told me how much he loved our song ‘Lines in the Sand.’ He said Led Zeppelin tried to rip off the great American blues, but they never quite nailed it like we have with that song. What can you say to that? I just mumbled something like, ‘But you’re Robert Plant, dude’ and then I flung my arms around him like a little kid.”

Brown also said he compares Mona to rock icons like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

“Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Joe Strummer – I see them as the competition,” he said. “They’ve run the race, now I want to run it faster. I don’t mean any lack of respect. I just have complete conviction in what I do. And in any case those people would be the first to say ‘go for it – outdo us’.”

Mona’s debut album is set for release next week in the U.K. on Island Records

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