British rock band Muse has teamed up with composer/conductor David Campbell for their sixth studio album. The band is experimenting with new sounds by incorporating horn and string sections into their progressive, modern rock sound.

The band has been updating fans and the media with Twitter posts. One post that came through on Saturday showed a studio photo and the tweet:  

“The amazing brass from last night. More horns today,” and then followed up with, “Just done some more horns with some legendary players.”

Sunday there was more Twitter activity:

“Now some strings. This album is coming along nicely. Bring on autumn.”

Collaborator David Campbell has a widely varied background, working on everything from hit albums with Bon Jovi, Linkin Park and Evanescence, to conducting the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, to working on projects with his son and musician, Beck.

The mixing of the seasoned producer and the experimental attitude of Muse is sure to be interesting.

Muse has been together since 1994 and released their first studio album in 1999.

The album is set be released in October 2012, no name has been released yet.

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