We are barely one day into the 2013 Winter NAMM show and there have already been plenty of pleasant surprises! The guys over at Boss have just announced three new “next-generation” pedals featuring the company’s highly touted Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) feature: the TE-2 Tera Echo, DA-2 Adaptive Distortion and MO-2 Multi Overtone.

Boss says that Multi-Dimensional Processing analyzes audio signals in many dimensions and adds ideal effects to each. That might not sound like much at first but by giving different dynamic changes relative to the input signal in real time, MDP creates new sounds with a previously unattainable range of expression – something that should have guitarists everywhere pretty excited! Now let’s check out the pedals themselves.


TE-2 Tera Echo

The TE-2 is reported to deliver amazing new effects that go beyond traditional reverb and delay processing. The added feature of MDP produces a deep and spacious sound, dramatically enhancing the straight guitar tone without overwhelming it. With its simple, familiar stompbox controls and incredible dynamic sensitivity, an extremely wide range of inspiring sounds can be achieved all with that familiar feel. Not only that, the TE-2’s expressive Freeze function is said to allow players to hold the current effect sound for lead backing and unique sound effects. The TE-2 also has the distinction of representing the 100th model in the long history of the Boss compact series, starting with the release of the OD-1 Overdrive in 1977. You can check out the video below for a quick demo:



DA-2 Adaptive Distortion

Unlike your garden variety distortion pedal that processes the entire guitar signal with a single effect, the MDP-equipped DA-2 adjusts the sound in real time to create the ideal tone for every register. The result is a rich, harmonic distortion that plays well all over the guitar neck, from tight, edgy low-string tones to fat, smooth highs. With the power of MDP, the DA-2’s distortion looks amazingly responsive to playing dynamics and every note can be heard with crystal clear high definition, even when playing two or more notes at the same time. But don’t take my word for it; we’ve got a video right here to prove it:



MO-2 Multi Overtone

The most apparent feature on the MO-2 is its ability to provide incredibly distinctive and expressive tones thank specifically to the addition of MDP. Using your guitar’s rich harmonic overtones as a starting point, the MO-2 builds completely unique sounds that enhance and thicken the normal tone. Not only that, three different modes offer diverse sound-shaping options while the DETUNE knob unlocks a wide range of impressive modulation effects. From shimmery multi-string resonance to flute-like transparency and even powerful textures similar to that of organs and synths, the MO-2 brings a variety of all-new dynamic resonance characteristics to guitarists everywhere. And once again, you can check out this video to hear it for yourself: