With the advent of the new year, it is time for some New Years resolutions! Folks make all types of resolutions, for example, quit smoking cigarettes, stop eating fast food, get in proper shape, save more money, and so on. Musicians are also not an exception to this. In the following paragraphs, we will mention 8 most common resolutions for musicians which will help to enhance their career in the long run.


1. Resolve to compose better music

While making this resolution, never try to steal any music from free websites or songs which have already been published. Instead, it will be a wise idea to make some research, team up with a genuine songwriter, attend a couple of composing classes or do anything that can help you to become a top class songwriter.


2. Master a new instrument

At present, you will come across musical instruments which are offered by retailers at relatively affordable rates. You can try out these instruments while forming a group and doing a Grade-a-thon as well. Mastering a new instrument will provide you with satisfaction that cannot be described in words.

3. Go on practicing

Practice is essential for anyone who wants to be successful in his or her career. Musicians likewise have to practice a lot as well in their quest to achieve a certain goal. You can set a particular time every day for practice, and also create a practice diary as well.


4. Take proper care of your instruments

Maintenance of instruments is compulsory irrespective of whether you are a guitarist or a flutist. Caring for instruments will make you less likely to visit the repair shop frequently. Try to establish a cleaning routine where you can define your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.


5. Interact with your fans

Although most of the musicians do this quite often, it will not hurt to go one step further. Try to say hello to your fans irrespective of whether you are a small independent artist or a renowned one. Establish a target of how many tweets or emails you will make on a particular day or week. It will be prudent to make an effort to turn your fans into superfans since this will aid in getting the much-needed support from them when it really matters.


6. Perform more live shows

This resolution might be a bit challenging depending on what type of musician you are. It is a fact that no one likes to purchase music these days, and musicians have to depend on performing live so as to earn a living.


7. Give away instruments which you will not use anymore

If you have any instrument that you will not use anymore, try to find someone who is interested in music and see whether they can use those instruments. If it is not feasible to give those gear away for free, you can consider selling them on Craigslist which should give you the required cash for purchasing a brand-new set of equipment that you were longing for.


8. Hone one particular skill which you have been avoiding so far

Just like every other musician, you might want to avoid practicing any particular skill or technique. Try to devote some time this year to practice that particular skill. If you persevere really hard, you will be successful eventually.


Final Thoughts ...

The sky is the limit when it comes to learning something innovative, and the same is true in case of music as well. Make a resolution to expand your abilities and interests this new year and be a better musician than what you were before.



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