ProAudioLand Musician News

  1. Gifts For Singers Under $100

    It can be very tough trying to find the perfect gift for a singer if you're not one yourself. Luckily, the pros here at PAL have you covered. We have the product knowledge to send you on the right track, even if you don't know the first things about mics and accessories. Below, we take a look at various pieces of gear priced under $100 that would make the perfect gift for the crooner in your life. Continue reading →
  2. Gifts For Guitarists Under $100

    If you think you can’t buy high-quality guitar gear for less than $100, think again. Whether you’re looking to get something for a friend this holiday or a little something for yourself, $100 can go a long way. Below we look at various amps, effects, and accessories that can be had for less than $100. Continue reading →
  3. Gifts For Bassists Under $200

    Gift ideas for bass players can be hard to think of if you're not exactly well-versed in the world of music gear. Not a problem! With the holiday season in full swing, we have exactly what you need to find the perfect gift for the bass player in your life, all for less than $200. Continue reading →
  4. Brand Spotlight: Voodoo Lab Dingbat Pedaboards

    Voodoo Lab built their reputation for top-quality, versatile products by consistently delivering unique, dependable pieces of gear that can be found everywhere from professional recording studios, onstage or in homes of musicians everywhere. But as good as their effects are, they also have some of the best boards around. Known as the Dingbat series, they feature everything a modern player would need from their board. Continue reading →
  5. A Closer Look At The Suhr Alexa Dual Channel Chorus/Vibrato

    The Suhr Alexa is a Multi-Channel Analog Chorus/Vibrato pedal that looks to redefine what players expect from a fully featured modulation pedal. And seeing as how Suhr is responsible for some outstanding effects, it definitely has a strong foundation to build on. Continue reading →