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  1. A Closer Look At The Sony MDR-7506 And MDR-7502 Headphones

    Fewer brands are as well known around the world as Sony. The Japanese manufacturer has been responsible for some of the most iconic pieces of tech ever created. And while they might get more attention these days for their game console or TVs, they have always been a huge player in professional audio. With that in mind, we decided to take a closer look at two of their most popular headphone models -- the MDR-7506 and the MDR-7502. Continue reading →
  2. Fender Mustang GT 100 Combo Amp Review

      From the Deluxe Reverb to the Twin and many, many more, we all know Fender can make a really good amp. And while I've had plenty of time with several of their well-known tube amps, it was one of their newer digital models that caught my eye when it came time to take a closer look at a new piece of Fender gear. I'm talking, of course, about the Fender Mustang GT 100, a 100-watt digital combo amp that comes boasting a ton of features at a very reasonable price. Continue reading →
  3. Brand Spotlight: Coffin Cases

    Brand Spotlight: Coffin Cases
    At ProAudioLand, we work hard to bring our visitors the latest and greatest when it comes to instruments, accessories, pro audio gear and more. Whether it’s from the big guys like Fender and Seymour Duncan or the lesser-known (but just as awesome) boutique brands such as Keeley and Lindy Fralin, we’ll help you find the right piece of gear for your setup. That’s why we like to take the time every week to spotlight one of our many partners. Today, we’re taking a closer look at Coffin Cases. Not only are we proud to carry their gear, ProAudioLand is also the exclusive distributor and retail outlet for the brand. So if you’re looking for a brand new Coffin Case or Coffin Case wall hanger, you won’t find them anywhere else! Continue reading →
  4. Suhr Dual Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

    Over the years, Suhr pedals have become increasingly popular, finding their ways onto the pedalboards of countless guitarists. Sure, they might still be best known for their amazing guitars and pickups but you're doing your sound a disservice if you're ignoring their effects. Recently, I was able to take their Dual Boost clean booster for a spin. In a world filled with plenty of options, does the Dual Boost do enough to win over that precious pedalboard real estate? Keep reading to find out. Continue reading →
  5. A Few Of Our Favorite Boutique Guitar Pickup Brands

    When players hear the word "boutique," a single word always seems to come to mind -- expensive. And while it's true that boutique gear tends to retail at a higher price point than their mass-produced counterparts (though, not by much more these days), what is lost in the dollar amount is the unique, high-quality experiences they bring. If you've been ignoring these lesser known brands due to a few bucks, you're doing yourself and your sound a disservice as boutique pickups tend to be meticulously designed and feature a unique take that most of the big guys just don't offer. With that said, we'd like to share a few of our favorite boutique pickup brands that show their gear is well worth the price. Continue reading →