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  1. Brand Spotlight: Fishman

    Brand Spotlight: Fishman
      With over 30 years of experience, Fishman Transducers have worked their way to becoming one of the most successful and well-known pickup manufacturers in the world. And while most players are more familiar with their suite of acoustic guitar and amplification products, the company also features a number of excellent choices for electric guitars. If you're not familiar with the products from Fishman, you owe it to yourself and your tone to take a closer look. Below are just a few of their standout pieces of gear. Continue reading →
  2. Sennheiser e945 Dynamic Mic Review

    Sennheiser e945 Dynamic Mic Review
      A few months back, I took the Sennheiser e935 dynamic vocal mic for a spin and definitely came away impressed. All in all, it was a great all-around mic and a standout piece of gear in a market crowded with quality stage mics. Compared to the Shure SM58, the e935 offers much more definition and clarity, not to mention an overall smoother feel. This means that it will show off a much truer representation of your natural voice (the good and the bad). With that in mind, I got curious about it's bigger brother, the e945. While they share many of the same specs, the e945 is definitely a different type of mic. Continue reading →
  3. Friedman BE-OD Guitar Pedal Review

    Friedman BE-OD Guitar Pedal Review
      While some players out there might not be familiar with the work of Dave Friedman, they definitely know the many legendary tones he helped shape. After building, modding and customizing amps for some of rock's best-known guitarists (Eddie Van Hale, Jerry Cantrel, and Steve Stevens, just to name a few), Friedman decided to take that expertise and create his own line of gear. One such creation is Friedman 100BE, a Marshall inspired tube amp that truly stands up there among the best money can buy. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to drop thousands of dollars for an amp head. So with that said, we're taking a look at a pedal designed to bring that tone in a much more affordable and portable package -- the Freidman BE-OD. Continue reading →
  4. Brand Spotlight: PRS S2 Guitar Series

    Brand Spotlight: PRS S2 Guitar Series
      With only a few exceptions, high-quality American-made guitars have always been significantly more expensive than most imports. And while the overall quality of imported guitars has noticeably improved in the last decade, most players agree that American-made electrics remain the standard of excellence. This is what makes the PRS S2 Series so exciting and unconventional; a line of American-made guitars that retain the quality while being offered at an affordable price point. Manufactured in the same facility as the rest of their US-made instruments, the S2 Series merges the classic PRS playability and reliability with incredible value. Take a closer look at a few standouts from the S2 Series below. Continue reading →
  5. Brand Spotlight: Monster

    Brand Spotlight: Monster
      Back in the early days of amplified music, the instrument cable was seen as little more than a piece of equipment that got the signal from point A to point B. The materials were cheap, the construction was an afterthought and some even heavily degraded tone. In comes Monster Cable Products who completely changed the way we look at cables. Founded in 1979 by Noel Lee, Monster was an early pioneer of high-performance audio cables, understanding that you are only a strong as your weakest link. Over three decades later, they remain one of the most popular and sought-after cable brands around. And with their lifetime warranty, any cable you buy is literally yours for life. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at just a few of our favorite offerings from the brand. Continue reading →