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  1. A Closer Look At The Boss Katana Guitar Amp Line

    A Closer Look At The Boss Katana Guitar Amp Line
      As one of the early pioneers of digital effects, Boss is highly responsible for pushing the limits of what pedals could offer musicians outside of the studio. But as great as their pedals are, Boss is more than just an effects manufacturer -- they also make their own amplifiers. Based on the tech behind their popular Waza amplifier, the Katana line of amps embodies everything that Boss gear is known for -- powerful controls, versatile sounds, and very competitive prices. Today, we take a look at three different flavors of the Boss Katana guitar amp line up -- a 1x12 combo, a 2x12 combo, and a fully featured amp head. Continue reading →
  2. Suhr Riot Reloaded Guitar Effects Pedal Review

    Suhr Riot Reloaded Guitar Effects Pedal Review
      Over the years, Suhr pedals have become increasingly popular, finding their ways onto the pedalboards of countless guitarists. The original Riot itself has come a long way since its initial release back in 2009 and is still in high demand to this day. But for all its popularity, there were still some players out there who felt the pedal could use a few variations. By listening to these customer's requests, the pedal creators at Suhr decided to give them what they wanted in the form of an alternate Riot stompbox. Which brings us to the Riot Reloaded -- a revamped distortion pedal that might just be the perfect addition to your board.  Continue reading →
  3. Quilter Labs MicroPro Mach 2 8-Inch Combo Amp Review

    Quilter Labs MicroPro Mach 2 8-Inch Combo Amp Review
      Quilter Labs is known for their use of Class D amplifier technology, also known as “switching amps.” These aren’t your more common transistor or even vacuum tube amps we’re talking about here, but a whole different technology. The reason this is important to know before heading into our review is that in order to fully understand the MicroPro Mach 2 8" Combo, and how such a little amp can pack such big sound, we have to understand that we’re dealing with a different beast than transistor or tube. Continue reading →
  4. Do Capacitors Change Tone?

    Do Capacitors Change Tone?
      You've probably come across guitar capacitors from time to time, not really knowing what they do aside from being part of the guitar's electronics. Well, yeah, that's true, but did you know they can affect a guitar's tone? And with that said, how do they really affect your tone anyway? Check out the article below to find out! What Are...
  5. Brand Spotlight: Tom Anderson Electric Guitar Pickups

    Brand Spotlight: Tom Anderson Electric Guitar Pickups
      One of the more exciting aspects of the modern music gear market is the rise of boutique manufacturers, companies that are not afraid to experiment with their creations and think outside the box. With that in mind, I'd like to shine a light on one of my personal favorite boutique manufacturers that I feel doesn't get as much love as they deserve: Tom Anderson Guitar Works. While they are predominantly known for their killer guitars, they also manufacturer a series of great high-quality pickups that feature an attention to detail that easily rivals the best brands around. Below, are three of my favorite pickup series from Tom Anderson. Continue reading →