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  1. Brand Spotlight: Radial Engineering

    Brand Spotlight: Radial Engineering
    Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Radial Engineering is best known for their wide range of versatile DI boxes, preamps, buffers and other pro audio gear that are as popular for their quality as they are for their affordable price. If you want more control over your signal and setup, Radial offers a wide variety of products that are meant to improve your tone as well as fix common problems associated with signal flow. Whether you're looking to strengthen your signal, more flexibility over your setup, reduce noise and artifacts or just improve your overall tone, Radial Engineering has a lot of great pro audio gear to offer.    Continue reading →
  2. Vintage Style Guitar Humbuckers For Rock And Blues

    Installing a set of replacement pickups is a great way to alter your instrument's tone so that it better reflects your own personal taste and style. While most of today's stock pickups tend to offer superb construction and high-quality tone, there's nothing wrong with wanting something a little different! Today, we want to take a look at a few quality humbuckers that specialize in recreating vintage dual-coil tones that pair perfectly with the signature sound of blues and rock.  Continue reading →
  3. Brand Spotlight: Gallien-Krueger Bass Amp Heads

    Brand Spotlight: Gallien-Krueger Bass Amp Heads
    As an industry leading manufacturer, the name Gallien-Krueger is well-known in the music equipment world, especially among bass players. Founded in 1968 by Bob Gallien, GK has built a well-earned reputation for their high-quality amplifiers and accessories. Today, we're taking a look at a few of their bass amplifier heads, the MB200, RB1001-II, and the Fusion 550 -- three heads from different series at three different price points. Continue reading →
  4. Tech Tips: Using An Acoustic Guitar On Stage

    Tech Tips: Using An Acoustic Guitar On Stage
    There’s just something in the natural tone of an acoustic guitar that can’t be replicated by an electric guitar, no matter how many effects pedal you use. Unfortunately, using an acoustic guitar as part of a band on stage is not as easy as simply plugging in. There are two main problems when it comes to using an acoustic guitar on stage – hearing yourself over the rest of the band and feedback. With the quick tips below, you should be able to better craft the response and sound of your acoustic in order to help make it a natural fit on stage. Continue reading →
  5. When To Replace Your Tube Amp Tubes

    When To Replace Your Tube Amp Tubes
    To keep your tube amplifier running at its best, it needs proper care and maintenance. One of the most common sources of trouble when it comes to these kinds of amps is tube problems. In this article, we take a look at few common problems, how to spot them, and how to tell when its time to replace your bulbs. Continue reading →

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