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  1. Gear Recommendations For Solo Musicians

    Being a solo performer is a whole different ball game than being part of a traditional band. You have to be a self-sustained entertainment machine in both musical content and gear. In this article, we want to focus on the latter – taking a look at the equipment for today’s solo performers made to take their performances to the next level. While not all of the items on this list are absolutely necessary, they will definitely make your life on stage much easier and give you the tools to create an amazing one-man show. Continue reading →
  2. Sennheiser e602 II Instrument Mic Review

    The Sennheiser e602 II is a cardioid dynamic microphone tailor-made to work with low-frequency sound sources. While kick drums and larger toms are the most common uses for this type of mic, other bass-heavy sound sources (such as tubas, electric bass amps and stand up basses) can also be used. An updated version of the original e602, this MK II version is actually available at a more affordable price point and even comes packing a few extras. If you're in the market for a new low-frequency mic to add to your collection, keep reading to find out if the e602 II is the piece of gear that you've been looking for. Continue reading →
  3. Top Ten Uses For Coffin Case Dark Line Series Accessory Cases

    Top Ten Uses For Coffin Case Dark Line Series Accessory Cases
    A few weeks ago, we had the chance to go hands-on with the brand new Dark Line series of accessories cases from the guys at Coffin Case. Since then, we've been hearing from customers about the many uses they have found for these killer mini coffins. While we assumed a lot of customers would use them for smaller pro audio related equipment and accessories such as cables, mics, pedals, etc., the responses we received shows that these cases are for much more than just music gear. From laptops to makeup, tools, wine, and even kitchen knives, they proved that the uses are pretty much endless. With that in mind, we decided to take a few of the most creative ideas and recreate them for ourselves. Check out our pics below of just some of our favorite uses for the Dark Line Series Coffin cases!   Continue reading →
  4. Brand Spotlight: Coffin Cases Dark Line Series

    Brand Spotlight: Coffin Cases Dark Line Series
    At ProAudioLand, we work hard to bring our visitors the latest and greatest when it comes to instruments, accessories, pro audio gear and more. Whether it’s from the big guys like Fender and Seymour Duncan or the lesser-known (but just as awesome) boutique brands such as Keeley and Lindy Fralin, we’ll help you find the right piece of gear for your setup. That’s why we like to take the time every week to spotlight one of our many partners. Today, we want to shine a light on one of our favorite manufacturers -- Coffin Cases. As the name implies, these guys are known for their high-quality coffin-shaped instrument cases which proved to be very popular. So popular, in fact, that they decided to expand their coffin-shaped lineup. Continue reading →
  5. A Few Of Our Favorite Fender Precision Bass Gear

    The Fender Precision Bass is easily one of the most well-known instruments in the world, used by numerous bass players and on countless different genres of music. Whether it's the shape, the feel, the playability or tone, there are numerous reasons why the P-Bass is so popular. But as good as the Precision bass is on its own, there's nothing wrong with spicing things up by grabbing some complimentary parts and accessories. Whether you're a veteran player or a relatively new owner of a P-bass, we have plenty of gear to go along with your instrument of choice. Continue reading →