Time to get excited -- Radiohead have debuted two brand new songs online. The tracks -- 'The Daily Mail' and 'Staircase' -- were played as a part of producer Nigel Godrich's 'From The Basement' sessions.

The band have been busy of late. Having made their return with new album 'The King of Limbs' earlier this year, the Oxford quintet made a surprise and low-key appearance on the Park Stage at the Glastonbury festival at the end of June.

Of the two new tracks, hardcore fans of the band will already be familiar with 'The Daily Mail.' The song was premiered at a Thom Yorke solo show in Radiohead's hometown of Oxford last year and the addition of the band lends the track an extra dimension of power.

The performance was recorded for broadcast and made its broadcast debut on French channel Canal +. It is understood that the BBC have bought the rights to the studio performance and intend to show it in the near future.

Meanwhile, Radiohead have launched a new 'Weibo' micro-blog in China. A Chinese version of Twitter, it remains to be seen how much Radiohead -- themselves outspoken critics of China's policy towards Tibet -- will be able to post in a country notoriously censorious of internet activity.

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