Mastering the guitar, or any other instrument can be one of the most satisfying accomplishments in life. Nonetheless, boredom is common especially when one develops a routine task like playing guitar. Do you have a guitar that is lying idle in your home simply because you have completely lost interest in it? Well, here is an answer to your dilemma. This article will provide you with multiple insights on what you can do to revive your interest in playing guitar and get past the inevitable spells of boredom.


Beating The Practice Boredom

 Embrace A Positive Mentality

Optimism begets success. To derive success in playing guitar, embracing an optimistic attitude matters a great deal. If you perceive the exercise as interesting and fun, you can be sure you will quickly be passionate about playing guitar. On the other hand, if you view the exercise as boring, you will not make any meaningful progress. Further, perceive playing guitar as a chance to hone your skills and abilities and to create meaning in your life by creating lovely music. Above all, having a positive mentality inspires you to give your very best and use your potential well in playing guitar.

Connect With Other Players

In your journey of renewing your passion for playing guitar, conduct the exercise with others who share your vision. In so doing, more psyche and energy is realized than doing it alone. It is of immense advantage when you share your struggles about playing guitar with others since you get encouraged when you realize there are others going through the same situation. Besides, it is possible to brainstorm ideas that can help you grow. For example, the individuals involved can decide to be playing guitar together, engage in healthy competition and reward one another when they excel.


Watch And Learn From The Success Of Other Guitarists

Passion for anything is derived not only from oneself but also through learning from others. A person will successfully play guitar again when they strive to discover what great guitarists and musicians have done to get to where they are. It is vital to ask them questions on the strategies to use to make a unique brand of oneself. In the process, you will realize that majority of them faced the same challenges you are facing and it took them patience and determination to perfect the art of playing guitar. Watching their performances live or online can also give you hope that you can succeed as well.


Create Short Term Goals

In order to restore your interest in playing guitar, setting specific short-term objectives is necessary which keep you focused. One of these objectives can be to first refresh your basic guitar skills if you have not practiced for a very long time. Keep the fire burning by rewarding yourself when the objectives are achieved. Rewards can be in the form of playing guitar for your family, acquiring a new guitar and attending concerts organized by your most preferred band. You can also decide to take a short break to re-energize yourself whenever boredom creeps in.


Keep Track Of Your Progress

From time to time, you must monitor and evaluate yourself to find out if you have achieved the intended results. This enables you to have motivation even in the face of drawbacks. For instance, you discover you have not yet fully mastered the basic finger workout or triplet rhythms. This should not discourage you but instead motivate you to even put in more effort. If you discover you can easily change between the chords, do not be contented. It is not enough to just change the chords. You need to be able to excellently do it.


Do Not Overlook The Importance Of Practice

Practice yields perfectionism. Teaching oneself the guitar chords and rhythm is neither an easy nor a one day task. It is impossible to learn how to change the D chord, the A chord and E chord within a short time after you have been taught. It is an exercise that requires prolonged practice and maximum commitment. This demands that you play the guitar chords continuously to become an outstanding guitar player.


Finally, you must make a decision from your heart to renew your interest in playing guitar. Boredom with anything can happen if you do it long enough but you decided to pick up the guitar (and stuck with it) for a reason. Don't lose sight of that initial spark!



Your Turn to Sound Off!

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