Although Steve Martin is known primarily as a comedic actor, lately, he’s tried his hand at the world of music, with some surprising success; his 2009 bluegrass album The Crow won a Grammy award for the best bluegrass album of the year. As such, he’ll be releasing another disc, and according to DimeWars, he welcomed a very special guest to appear on one of the tracks: Paul McCartney.

As one might expect, Martin was very happy to be working with one of the greatest pop musicians of all time, saying, “It’s very hard to believe… I was a kid when I first heard Paul McCartney, and if you told me one day he’d be singing on of my tunes… I’m still flabbergasted.”

The album, entitled Rare Bird Alert, was released yesterday, March 15, and with a big name like McCartney’s attached to it, it’s not out of the question to imagine it earning som big sales. Bluegrass may not be the most commercially successful genre in American music, and talented as he may be, Steve Martin isn’t exactly a bluegrass legend, but anything involving Paul McCartney is sure to catch the eye of music fans. This just might be a release worth checking out.

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