1. Brand Spotlight: Gallien-Krueger Bass Amp Heads

    Brand Spotlight: Gallien-Krueger Bass Amp Heads
    As an industry leading manufacturer, the name Gallien-Krueger is well-known in the music equipment world, especially among bass players. Founded in 1968 by Bob Gallien, GK has built a well-earned reputation for their high-quality amplifiers and accessories. Today, we're taking a look at a few of their bass amplifier heads, the MB200, RB1001-II, and the Fusion 550 -- three heads from different series at three different price points. Continue reading →
  2. Quilter Labs Bass Block 800 Amp Head Review

    Quilter Labs Bass Block 800 Amp Head Review
      Here at ProAudioLand, we’re huge fans of Quilter Labs. With products that offer amazing tone, high-quality construction, and unique features, Quilter Labs is a perfect example of what a great boutique manufacturer can bring to the table. I've taken a few of their guitar combos amps and heads for a spin and always come away impressed at just how much power and performance Quilter Labs is able to cram into such small packages. With that in mind, I decided to take a look at one of their bass offerings, the Bass Block 800 head to be exact. And from my time with the miniature bass amp head, it looks to be no different.     Continue reading →
  3. Bass Amp Setup Tips For Beginners

    Bass Amp Setup Tips For Beginners
      Many beginner bass amp players find it difficult to craft a good tone on their amp. To get a good sound out of a bass amp, one must have a decent grasp on how the various elements of the instrument work.   Continue reading →
  4. Fender Rumble 500 Bass Combo Amp Review

    Fender Rumble 500 Bass Combo Amp Review
    With the Rumble Bass series, Fender set out to create portable-friendly, lightweight bass amplifier line that didn’t sacrifice overall loudness and tone. With several combo models in the series, ranging from the small 15-watt Rumble 15 all the way to the 500-watt Rumble 500 – along with Rumble 200 / 500 heads and 115 / 410 cabinets – bass players interested in the line definitely have a lot to choose from. Today, we take a look at the biggest amp in the series, the Rumble 500.      Continue reading →
  5. Bass Amp EQ Quick Tips

    Bass Amp EQ Quick Tips
    AMPEG BA-108 25W Bass Combo Amp 1x8 @ $99.99 Bass amp EQ can be a tricky thing for new players. Despite all the thought you've put into your sound and your bass amp and cabinet placement, you might still end up with some frequencies that are too weak or too overbearing. Bass amp tone setting is part art and...

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