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  1. Brand Spotlight: Aguilar Bass Pickups And Electronics

    Brand Spotlight: Aguilar Bass Pickups And Electronics
    With over 20 years in the business, Aguilar Amplification products can be found in concert stages and studios across the globe while their preamps and pickups in particular have found a home in many of the world's best basses. What started off as an one-time collaboration between Dave Boonshot and Alex Aguilar (on what eventually became the infamous Aguilar DB 680) turned into so much more, eventually deciding to start Aguilar Amplification in 1995. They soon began creating a wide range of amazing products that went beyond just a better bass preamp, including heads, cabinets, pickups and even effects pedals -- all created with a superior engineering process that always kept the real world perspective of bass players in mind. With their personal goal of "constant improvement," Aguilar Amplification continues to push the boundaries of tone by contributing to every aspect of a bass's sound, built on the back of superior engineering, top of the line equipment and a deep dedication to continual refinement.   Check Out Some Great Aguilar Gear Below! Continue reading →

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