1. Do Capacitors Change Tone?

    Do Capacitors Change Tone?
      You've probably come across guitar capacitors from time to time, not really knowing what they do aside from being part of the guitar's electronics. Well, yeah, that's true, but did you know they can affect a guitar's tone? And with that said, how do they really affect your tone anyway?┬áCheck out the article below to find out! What Are...
  2. Guitar Pickups 101 Series: Part 7 -What Are Capacitors?

    Welcome back to the Guitar Pickups 101 Series! We are coming at you with Part 7 today, and getting you schooled up on Capacitors! How do these really affect your tone anyway? If you missed any of the other parts of the series, be sure the check them out! The links are at the bottom of this article! What Are...

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