Earthworks M30

  1. Earthworks M30 Microphone: Setting a New Standard

    Earthworks M30 Microphone: Setting a New Standard
    [caption id="attachment_2763" align="alignright" width="300"]m30 Earthworks M30 Small-diaphragm Wide Spectrum Omnidirectional Measurement Microphone @ $699.00[/caption] Having a device branded as an industry standard is immeasurably hard to come by. It doesn't get there by simply winning numerous industry awards or even being particularly amazing at what it does, although both certainly don't hurt. A piece of gear becomes an industry standard by capturing that perfect blend of quality, reliability and accessibility that gives it a mass appeal above and beyond expectations, being the de-facto choice in its field for countless professionals and consumers alike. Capturing lightning in a bottle, as some would say. It’s not a term to throw around lightly, but that’s exactly what the Earthworks M30 measurement microphone has become. Continue reading →

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