1. Vortex Flanger: A Tone Print Pedal by TC Electronic

    Written By: Robert Cavuoto   TC Electronic now provides guitarists with a way to get a great Flanger, with the addition of preset downloadable artist’s signature sounds called TonePrints. From their website you can have instant access to sounds and tones of today’s hot guitarists like Orianthi, Bumblefoot and John Petrucci to name a few. Being a bit of a...
  2. NAMM 2012: TC Electronic Drops the PolyTune Mini Pedal

    The TC Electronic PolyTune Mini Two years ago, TC introduced polyphonic tuning to the world and since then guitarists everywhere have welcomed this next-generation way of tuning with open arms. Now TC reveals the world's smallest polyphonic tuner: PolyTune Mini that will fit on any pedal board. Sometimes size actually does matter and in such cases, PolyTune Mini is the...
  3. Nathan East Joins TC Electronic

    Nathan East Chooses Blacksmith to Carry On His Legendary Bass Sound! Legendary Bass Master Nathan East has just joined TC Electronic's Artist Roster! Here's TC Electronics's recent Press Release: "We are proud to announce that legendary bass player, Nathan East, has joined the Bass Amp 2.0 revolution. Nathan East has been synonymous with ultimate bass sound as well as superior...
  4. Deadmau5 Launches Touch Remix App!

  5. Electro Harmonix Effectology, Vol.16 “Doctor Who”

    Sonic sleuth, Bill Ruppert takes his EH pedal army to the forefront of Alien invasion. Bill’s creative combinations capture the eerie nuance and the tense attitude of the 1963 Dr. Who theme song. Integrating Electro-Harmonix pedals, Bill proves that EH designs deliver an amazing power whose outer limits are yet to be invaded.

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