1. Guitar Flanger Effects Pedal Tips And Tricks

    Guitar Flanger Effects Pedal Tips And Tricks
      Nowadays, the flanger effect is one of the most used by many guitarists across the globe. The polarizing effect produced is almost similar to that of a jet plane swirl. However, the flanger effects pedals are underrated while they can perform the same functions as the modulation pedals and also generate a multiplicity of distinctive tunes. The flanger is the most versatile modulator that guitarists need. The flanger pedal has a total of four knobs and three are related to the low-frequency oscillator or LFO namely, width (depth or rate), speed or rate, and manual. The fourth knob that controls the intensity of some sounds that may occur due to the creation of what we call negative delays. The knob feeds this negative delay and enhances the flanging effects by adding some sonic possibilities.   Continue reading →
  2. The Difference Between Flanger and Phaser Effects

    The Difference Between Flanger and Phaser Effects
    [caption id="attachment_2641" align="alignright" width="300"]grand_orbiter_v2_1 EarthQuaker Devices Grand Orbiter V2 Phaser Pedal @ $195.00[/caption] With so many different effects out there, each with their own countless variations, it can be easy to get confused, especially if you’re not too familiar with them. Just like tremolo and vibrato, flanging and phaser effects are two such sounds that players tend to mix up. Although they are in fact related in many different aspects, such as being created by delaying the signal by small amounts then mixing this with the dry signal, they are unique effects with their own sound and tendencies. Let’s break down the confusion by taking a look at each of them individually. Continue reading →
  3. Flanging, Phasing, Doubling and More: Modulation Effects

    Flanging, Phasing, Doubling and More: Modulation Effects
    Flanger modulation pedals such as the MXR Flanger can be used to artificially create the doubling effect by adding a digital delay between 60 to 120 milliseconds. The main differences between a flanger and a chorus is that the flanger uses a shorter delay.  Flangers, phasers and choruses all work by producing a series of frequency notches that are...
  4. Vortex Flanger: A Tone Print Pedal by TC Electronic

    Written By: Robert Cavuoto   TC Electronic now provides guitarists with a way to get a great Flanger, with the addition of preset downloadable artist’s signature sounds called TonePrints. From their website you can have instant access to sounds and tones of today’s hot guitarists like Orianthi, Bumblefoot and John Petrucci to name a few. Being a bit of a...
  5. MXR Reissues Classic 80's Micro Chorus, Flanger and Phase Pedals

    Dunlop is reissuing some classic pedals from the 80's like the Micro Chorus, Micro Flanger and the Phase 45 pedals. The Micro Chorus will ship this month and the other two will follow in March. With its simple operation and stellar analog tone—the MXR Micro Chorus joins the ranks of MXR Classics such as the Phase 90, Dyna Comp and...

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