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  1. Closer Look At The New Seymour Duncan Andromeda Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

    Closer Look At The New Seymour Duncan Andromeda Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
      Delay is one of those effects that you can use either as an ambient one to help give your guitar a sense of place within a song or as a more obvious effect, used for its rhythmic or textural traits. The Andromeda Dynamic Delay does all of these with studio quality but it also adds a whole new definition for what delay can be.   Continue reading →
  2. Vertex Boost Guitar Effects Pedal Review

    Vertex Boost Guitar Effects Pedal Review
    One of the more popular types of pedals out there is the booster, designed to increase your guitar signal before it reaches the amplifier. They can come in several different varieties, such as a mid-boost, used to color specific parts of your frequency while boosting the entire signal. They also may come in a “linear” or “clean” flavor, in which case they are intended to leave your guitar’s frequency range (and therefore its tone) unchanged as much as possible as it passes through, with only the signal level being increased. Which brings us to the Vertex, a clean boost that adds buffer and volume pedal functionality. While there are several boosters that claim to increase your tone without coloring it, not all of them completely deliver. How does the Vertex Boost fare?   Continue reading →
  3. Way Huge Green Rhino MkII Overdrive Pedal Review

    Review By Jordan Wagner Jeorge Tripps' take on the classic green overdrive is back with two additional controls—100Hz level and Curve—to give vintage-style overdrives a run for their money. In its original incarnation, the famed Green Rhino Overdrive II is nearly as rare as its animal namesake. Originally introduced in 1994, the Green Rhino helped set the standard for what...

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