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  1. Eminence Cannabis Rex Guitar Speaker Review

    Eminence Cannabis Rex Guitar Speaker Review
    Eminence is the largest speaker manufacturer in the world, producing over 10,000 speakers a day, used by professional and amateur musicians across the world. The key to their success can be directly attributed to their loudspeaker knowledge and ingenuity, allowing them to offer products known for their great tone and excellent value. So when it came time to replace the speaker on my Fender Blues Junior, Eminence was a clear choice. As for which specific speaker model was the right one for the job -- well, that was a much harder choice. Continue reading →
  2. Does Speaker Power Rating Determine Loudness?

    Does Speaker Power Rating Determine Loudness?
    We often run into players who assume that a PA speaker’s Power Rating (also known as Watts or Wattage Rating) directly reveals their apparent loudness. In other words, they believe that a PA speaker with a higher power rating will be louder than one with a lower rating. The short answer to this is, maybe – but maybe not. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at what the power rating actually determines as well as the factors that contribute to a speaker’s apparent loudness.   Continue reading →
  3. Video Playlist: Celestion Speakers

    Video Playlist: Celestion Speakers
    There’s no better way to decide which speaker is best for you than to hear it in action. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly easy to walk into a music shop and try out speakers like you would a guitar. Luckily, there the guys at Celestion have put together a video playlist that showcases many of their great speakers. While it’s not the same as being able to place the speaker on your own rig and put them through their paces, these videos should give you a good idea of the tone they can bring to the table. From the legendary sound of the Vintage 30 to the very popular tone of the G12M Greenback, you can browse the playlist below to hear why Celestion speakers remain one of the most popular brands around!   Continue reading →
  4. Speaker Breakup Explained

    Speaker Breakup Explained
    Speaker breakup refers to a tonal feature that happens when they are pushed past a certain limit. While many believe that a speaker's power rating is a contributing factor to speaker breakup, that's simply not true. True speaker breakup depends on the cone density and the interaction between the top plate thickness and the winding height of the voice coil. It also depends on a speaker's Xmax rating (also known as a speaker's Maximum Linear Excursion), which is essentially the height of the voice coil overhang below and above the top plate and magnetic gap.   Continue reading →
  5. TECH TIPS: Breaking In Your Speakers

    So, you love your buddy’s tone and really dig the speakers he’s been playing for the past six months! You go out and buy the very same speakers, put them in nearly the same rig, but it just doesn’t sound the same. Your dilemma is not uncommon. Many variables could be responsible for such a situation, but most likely it...

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