1. Guitar Tips: Improving Your Skills And Accuracy

    Guitar Tips: Improving Your Skills And Accuracy
    There are many things that separate a bad guitar player from the excellent ones, but one of the most significant of them is the playing with superb accuracy. The number one sin in playing the guitar is by playing the song hurriedly or even worse, hesitantly. If you suffer from these sloppy symptoms of poor guitar work, they definitely need adjusting. If you want to know learn how to play with better speed and accuracy, try out the tips below.   Continue reading →
  2. Acoustic Guitar Maintenance Tips

    Acoustic Guitar Maintenance Tips
    Having a good instrument to play or practice on is crucial in order to progress on it. There is nothing more discouraging than not being able to play your best because of fret buzz or strings being so high that it is very hard to press them down. Taking good care of your acoustic guitar and giving it proper maintenance is fundamental if you would like to receive quality services when playing it. Below are quick tips for acoustic guitar maintenance that you should pay attention to:   Continue reading →
  3. Five Modern Female Guitarists To Check Out

    Five Modern Female Guitarists To Check Out
    Despite their male counterparts getting the lion’s share of the limelight, women guitarists have been a part of popular music since the beginning. From Memphis Minnie to Joan Jett and beyond, female guitarists have been able to rise in a male-dominated scene and earn the respect of fans and fellow musicians alike. Today, we want to take a look at five great female modern guitarists who are proving to this day that you don’t need a Y chromosome to rock like a guitar god. Continue reading →
  4. Woods Used For Fingerboards

    Woods Used For Fingerboards
    There are multiple factors that play a role in the look, feel and sound of an instrument, one of which is the choice of wood for the fingerboard. Whether it’s the feel of the wood, the tonal qualities it imbues or even just the look, knowing which fingerboard best suits you is an important aspect in finding the perfect instrument.  While there are several different types of woods used for fingerboards, rosewood, maple, ebony and pau ferro are far and away the most common. Other wood varieties used for fingerboards are purple heart, wenge, cocobolo, padouk and bubinga but compared to the main four, they are not as widely available and therefore a bit more expensive to use, usually reserved for custom made or high end guitars. Let's take a look at how the main four stack up: Continue reading →
  5. Common Problems That Can Kill Your Tone

    Common Problems That Can Kill Your Tone
    There are many things can cause plenty of tone problems. These tone slayers can come in different forms, some of which you might never have suspected. Luckily, you can avoid them by knowing what they are, how they can ruin your tone, and how to avoid them altogether. Below, we take a look at a few common causes of tone problems that you might not have considered and tips on how to beat them.     Continue reading →

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