1. Tech Tips: The Input Stage in Recording

    Tech Tips: The Input Stage in Recording
    PEAVEY PV 5300 4 Input All-In-One Powered Mixer The input stage of a mixer serves two purposes: it routes microphone and instrument outputs into the mixer and adjusts the signal to its optimum strength. Taking a look at the very first element that a signal hits in a mixer, the input stage, you’ll find an onboard microphone preamplifier. How...
  2. Mixing Console: Basics And How They Work

    Mixing Console: Basics And How They Work
    Even this 24-Channel mixing console will seem like like a 4-track once you get the basics down!(PEAVEY 24FX 24-Channel Mixer With Effects) Like most other things in professional contexts, mixing consoles (also known as mixing boards, mixing desks or simply mixers) come in a surprisingly wide array of designs and sizes. They also come with their fair share of...
  3. NAMM 2012: Line 6 launches StageScape M20d mixer and StageSource loudspeakers

    StageScape™ M20 is the world’s first smart mixing system — an integrated live sound solution that uses touchscreen-based visual mixing to explode the traditional mixer/outboard gear paradigm. StageScape M20d uses a combination of input jack sensing, a visual mixing environment and professionally crafted sound tools to prepare, process and route signals automatically. The StageScape M20d can guide you through optimally...

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