1. Brand Spotlight: Monster

    Brand Spotlight: Monster
      Back in the early days of amplified music, the instrument cable was seen as little more than a piece of equipment that got the signal from point A to point B. The materials were cheap, the construction was an afterthought and some even heavily degraded tone. In comes Monster Cable Products who completely changed the way we look at cables. Founded in 1979 by Noel Lee, Monster was an early pioneer of high-performance audio cables, understanding that you are only a strong as your weakest link. Over three decades later, they remain one of the most popular and sought-after cable brands around. And with their lifetime warranty, any cable you buy is literally yours for life. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at just a few of our favorite offerings from the brand. Continue reading →
  2. Common Pro Audio Cables Explained

    Common Pro Audio Cables Explained
    Common TS (Tip/Sleeve) cable. (HOSA 5ft TS Speaker Cable) In the world of pro audio, there’s a multitude of a specialized gear at our disposal along with plenty of ways to connect them. While it might not be the most exciting topic, knowing what kind of audio cable is right for the job – as well as what they...

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