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  1. Common Causes Of PA Speaker Damage

    Common Causes Of PA Speaker Damage
    A good PA system setup is a pricey investment. The last thing you want to do is completely ruin your PA by using it in a way that it wasn't meant to operate. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the top causes of PA speaker damage below.       Continue reading →
  2. Building a PA System Part 2

    Building a PA System Part 2
    [caption id="attachment_2698" align="alignright" width="266"]snake HOSA 100 foot Pro-Conex Stage Box Snake.[/caption] Last week, we began the first half our two-part featureĀ on the building blocks of a gig ready PA System. We touched on the essentials such as microphones, a mixer and speakers. Today we're finishing it off with the rest of the story and featuring everything else that goes into a pro-grade PA system including monitors, power amps and more.Ā  Continue reading →

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