1. Brand Spotlight: L.R. Baggs Acoustic Guitar Pickups

    Brand Spotlight: L.R. Baggs Acoustic Guitar Pickups
    If you’re an acoustic guitar player then you've more than likely heard about the great pieces of gear made by the guys over at L.R. Baggs. While they are no strangers to the world of electric guitars, the bulk of their products revolve around acoustics. From acoustic pickups to DI boxes, preamps, and more, L.R. Baggs has dedicated themselves to giving players the very best tone and sound shaping tools possible. Notable users include artists across the music sphere including Lenny Kravitz, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, The Dixie Chicks, Vince Gill, and more. If you’re not familiar with the brand, you owe it to yourself and your guitar to check them out. Today, we take a look at a few of their standout acoustic guitar pickups that we feel deserve a closer look.     Continue reading →
  2. Check Out The Brand New Duncan Saturday Night Special Humbuckers

    Check Out The Brand New Duncan Saturday Night Special Humbuckers
    Update: We have included a video demo of the Saturday Night Special humbucker set straight from the guys over at Seymour Duncan, featuring acclaimed guitarist Doug Rappoport! Hear them in action below!  Today, we’d like to share with our readers a brand new set of humbuckers from the pickup gurus at Seymour Duncan, the Saturday Night Special humbucking pickups. These vintage-voiced humbuckers come equipped with top of the line Alnico 4 magnets and feature thick, full-bodied clean tones along with bold, singing overdriven leads that are tailor-made for fans of ‘70s arena rock everywhere. Other features include standard four-conductor wiring, short mounting legs and a maple spacer.   Continue reading →
  3. A Case For P-90 Pickups

    A Case For P-90 Pickups
    The classic Stratocaster pickup is considered by many to be one of the ''best pickups you can buy''. Well, if you ask me, there's another. Don't get me wrong, Strat pickups have created some of the greatest tones ever played on an electric guitar. But I honestly believe that a different single-coil pickup, one that's older than many others, is better. What's it called? The P-90 Pickup.       Continue reading →
  4. A Look At Electric Guitar Pickup Magnets

    A Look At Electric Guitar Pickup Magnets
    Magnets found in pickups play an important role in the tone of an electric guitar. Hence, it is essential to know the basics and variations of the guitar pickup in order to better understand your instrument's tone. Guitar pickups consist of wires and magnets. Both of these components work together to produce their signature sound. Each type of the magnet has their own distinctive features which create variations in their sound. To learn more about three popular types of pickup magnets and their effect on tone, read on.   Continue reading →
  5. Some of our Favorite Telecaster Replacement Pickups

    Some of our Favorite Telecaster Replacement Pickups
    The Telecaster isn't just one of Fender's most popular models, it's also one of the most well-known guitars ever created, period. It's signature body style has been mimicked the world over and while there are some admittedly impressive clones out there, there's no replacing a true Telecaster. The same goes with its famous tone, a sound that can be heard throughout rock and roll history. But what if you want something a little different? Or maybe a set that delivers a vintage sound with some modern features? Today, we're taking a look at some of our favorite Telecaster replacement pickups that retain the classic Tele twang while adding unique twist on the famous tone. Continue reading →

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